Moving cattle on autopilot

by Bob Kinford

When cattle get used to being moved and going to fresh feed, they see an open gate and automatically go through. This was the first time I had taken this route. Once again, look at the speed at which they are traveling, and notice not one steer misses the gate although no one is there to turn them. Low stress does not automatically mean low speed… You work at the speed of the cow.

…so much for the propaganda pushed by animal welfare people…A happy steer makes a tender steak! More videos of happy steers at…

Bob’s Books are avalible through his web site as well as at the Land & Livestock Rancher’s Supply eStore (Bob gets paid either way).

From The Horse's Mouth   Cowboy Romance (of horsesweat and hornflies)  A Million To One Odds  The Gourmet Cowboy: Cowboy Style Gourmet Cuisine  Heat Detection Manuel: (and record book)

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