Changing the World…One Neighbor at a Time

Polyface Farms sign.

Polyface Farms sign.

With the weather slowly warming up, we were able to put cows back out to pasture on Monday.  This is one of the times that Polyface really shines, because our pastures start growing way before anyone else barely has green showing.  Last year I just stood in awe of the difference and wondered, if our pastures show, time and time again how spreading compost, rotational grazing, and running poultry benefits the land, why don’t all the farmers around do these things?  Of course now I understand completely, but this year I actually get to help the Polyface team make a neighbor’s farme come alive!  You see, one of Polyface’s neighbors saw the difference and wasn’t afraid to admit it.  In fact, he came to Joel and wanted him to make his farm look like Polyface!  Talk about a courageous and humble man.  What he did took guts and I deeply admire him for asking.  His farm is one of 5 tracts that were all originally one farm back in the 1800′s.  5 siblings split the farm into the 5 tracts.  Polyface is 2 of those tracts.  Joel has said that the neighbors piece of land looks exactly like Polyface did 50 years ago.  It is like going back in time…but it won’t take 50 years to turn it into a vibrant healthy farm.  The Salatins know just what to do to begin to build up and feed the soil.  It is going to be breath taking to watch as the soil comes back to life this summer.  We are going to see huge changes.  Today we started with spreading compost.  This stuff is going to grow some grass!

Compost on the pasture!

Compost on the pasture!

A view from the neighbors farm.  Notice the green of Polyface?  Oh, and also the broiler pens?  Chicks go out today!

A view from the neighbors farm. Notice the green of Polyface?!

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2 Responses to Changing the World…One Neighbor at a Time

  1. Thanks so much for linking to our article on the sustainable chicken-rearing practice of a composting chicken yard. We look forward to watching Polyface’s neighbor’s property green up!
    — Liesl at Trash Backwards


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