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Plains Drought Expected To Persist This Summer

via Beef Producer Magazine According to seasonal drought outlooks, Plains unlikely to be spared from persistent drought Though drought conditions have been easing along the Mississippi and even more than disappeared through parts of the Corn Belt, the Plains continues … Continue reading

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Dr. Noffsinger, The Cattle Whisperer

When cattle in a herd are not eating, Dr. Tom Noffsinger joins them in the pen for a day, with the goal of leading them to food and water.  Location, Eastern Colorado

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Regulating behind closed doors, the cozy relationship between the Feds and environmental groups

by Jonathan DuHamel via the Tucson Citizen When federal agencies can’t justify an action through normal channels, they seem to invite lawsuits from environmental groups, the settlement of which allows the agency to obtain court sanctioned, negotiated settlements that bypass … Continue reading

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Horses We’ve Loved

by John L. Moore. This piece first appeared in Range Magazine               When the dust begins settling we remember the horses. We recall the mounts, good and bad, the days spent horseback, the scenes viewed through cowponies’ ears, and the friends … Continue reading

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Hey Grimes, what’s up dude?

It has always been a tradition at the FlyoverPress (another blog that I run) to republish “Hey Grimes” each Memorial Day in memory of a pure and honorable man who represents tens of thousands like himself.  I left Vietnam in September … Continue reading

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The Colorado River, The High Plains Aquifer And The Entire Western Half Of The U.S. Are Rapidly Drying Up

via The Economic Collapse What is life going to look like as our precious water resources become increasingly strained and the western half of the United States becomes bone dry?  Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest … Continue reading

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Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

John L. Moore is a 3rd generation Montana rancher, journalist, novelist and the “real deal.”   We are also proud to say that John is a contributor to our blog here at   He has developed a history of … Continue reading

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Environmentalism: The Triumph of Politics: The public discussion over conservation is being distorted by politics and pagan theology.

This was first published in the Freeman in September of 1993. Not much has changed since. The anti-private property and anti-free-market “sustainable” movement continues unabated. In fact, things are much worse now than they were then. The EPA is out … Continue reading

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We Are the Idiots

by Walter E. Williams Dr. Henry Miller, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and Gregory Conko, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in their Forbes article “Rachel Carson’s Deadly Fantasies” (9/5/2012), wrote that her 1962 book, Silent Spring, led … Continue reading

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Pace of Farmland Price Appreciation Eases Across Mid-South and Southeast; Outlook Grows Cautious

by Michael Fritz via Farmland Investor Center The pace of farmland price appreciation across the Mid-South and Southeast U.S. moderated in the first quarter, according to the latest Farmland Market Survey released by Farmland Investor Letter. Non-irrigated cropland values rose at … Continue reading

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