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EU Moves To Control All Plants

Once you think you have seen/heard it all, the statist-collectivists out do themselves. They have now replaced God (in their own warped minds at least). — jtl, 419 by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty Digest PHOTOS.COM The European Union is considering a … Continue reading

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Colorado Ranchers Say Low-Input Path Easiest To Walk

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Spraydipping cattle in central Africa

via Sprayrace’s Blog Disease control starts at the owner of livestock, and must be controlled from that level outwards up to national level. Tropical conditions and high rainfall favors strong populations of various ticks and mites in central Africa. Livestock … Continue reading

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Wildlife Operations and the Agriculture Tax Exemption

Attention land owners: Cattle, when managed our way, can actually improve your wildlife habitat. We can show you how. Go to check us out and give us a call. Insight and Opinion by Jesse Womack via Currently in … Continue reading

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Don’t Hire People To Work

by Dave Pratt via Ranching for Profit Blog Most of us hire people to work.  We write job descriptions telling them to do this or that.  But what people do and how long or hard they work is not important.  … Continue reading

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