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Spoiled for Choice: Contemporary Livestock Marketing

Insight and Opinion by Jesse Womack via Right now, livestock producers have an ever-expanding array of marketing options for their animals.  There are online resources, like, traditional outlets, such as auction barns, direct sale options to order buyers, … Continue reading

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Mother Nature and stress

by Curt Pate via Curt Pate Stockmanship  Everyone is talking about stress these days. Lots of things are being researched and discussed. I find it interesting that people are wanting to know the financial impact or the effect on the … Continue reading

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Boots On The Ground

Many years ago Alan Savoy (could have been Stan Parsons, can’t remember which) told me (not these exact words but paraphrasing): You have been improperly taught to look “at” the range. But, you need to get your lazy ass out … Continue reading

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Profitable Ranchers

Profitable Ranchers from a Facebook post by Kit Pharo Profitable Ranchers manage their grass in such a way that they are able to increases grass production by 50% to well over 200%… This allows them to graze year-round – with … Continue reading

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Keyline Plowing: What is it? Does it work?

“Where’s the Data?” That is always the first question that should be asked of the “gizmo” peddlers. If they wiff and waff and avoid the question, you will know immediately that there isn’t any. The next  request needs to be: Let … Continue reading

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Drought takes heavy toll on roaming horses

New Mexico Stockman This is what people who oppose horse slaughter are sentencing horses to.  Look humane to you? By Larissa L. Jimmy  via Navajo Times (Times photo – Larissa Jimmy) A horse is found near Cottonwood, Ariz. with its face and … Continue reading

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Chile farmland is some of the most undervalued in the world

For those of you who are becoming fed up with the plethora of rules and regulations we are currently facing here in the police state of the uSSA, you may want to consider expatriation. If so, Chile is certainly worthy … Continue reading

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Wild horses get used to life on (semi-) open range

  From The Billings Gazette via the Associated Press 710 wild horses have been moved to the Spanish Q Ranch near Ennis. ENNIS — A herd of 710 wild horses relocated to Montana is settling into its new quarters as workers … Continue reading

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Restoring Grasslands

Check out the interview with Alan Savory on  Radio New Zealand If the link does not work for you, use the URL: Alan Savory is President and co-founder of the Savory Institute, which promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands … Continue reading

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One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars – not people, new figures show

All you cattle feeders need to write a letter to your nice government man and thank him. (Sarcasm, in case you didn’t detect it.) New analysis of 2009 US Department of Agriculture figures suggests biofuel revolution is impacting on world … Continue reading

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