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New Face of America Interview with Dan Bell

Actually, the solution is very simple (not the same thing as easy). All that is needed is a few simple steps. These are in no particular order. In fact, it would best be done simultaneously. 1. Call off the War … Continue reading

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Mexican Wolf

From the: Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association ACGA staff has been monitoring the wolf situation very closely and there have been some very recent developments of which you should be aware: **Please know we have tried our best to confirm all … Continue reading

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Ecologists Turn To Planned Grazing To Revive Grassland Soil

If you are one of those who foot the bill — a private rancher operating on your own land with your own money–you need to adopt planned grazing. And, you also need to be very, very leery of The Nature Conservancy. … Continue reading

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Nothing Sucks Like Succession

by Dave Pratt via Ranching for Profit Blog You know how difficult it was to have that talk with your kids about the facts of life? There is a talk that you need to have with your family that is … Continue reading

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Climate and Cattle

Originally posted on Your Water Colorado Blog:
Cattle ranching (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Drought can devastate Colorado’s agricultural industry, as we’ve seen this year in the Arkansas River Basin. An article pulled from this blog for the Grand Junction Free Press’…

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Zilmax Ban Raises Questions

Katie Micik DTN Markets Editor OMAHA (DTN) — Sales in the U.S. and Canada of feed additive Zilmax will be temporarily suspended, Merck & Company’s animal health division announced Friday. Most evidence suggests 60% to 80% of the nation’s cattle … Continue reading

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Cracking institutions

 About all I can say to this is “Well duhhh.” The few of us left that are not indoctrinated in global collectivism have always known that rugged individualism is fundamental to everything. It is what settled the West and built … Continue reading

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The Cowboy Way

via Richard Beal’s Blog Great song by Paul Bogart Written by Larry Rainwater Click HERE to hear the song and view the video. The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other Misfits. by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume. Click here to … Continue reading

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Forage Improvement Results From Holistic Herding

by Bob Kinford  Back in October of 2012 I began a project of  using low stress stockmanship to herd 460 cows through a 32000 acre grazing plan. During the course of this grazing season, I did a few experiments to see … Continue reading

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Cattle Rustling – A comeback crime

By Kristine Galvan, Reporter – bio from myfox houston     HOUSTON (FOX 26) – If the theory of survival of the fittest proves true, it makes sense to expect modern crimes emerging from modern times- from cyber identity theft schemes to … Continue reading

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