Mexican Wolf

From the: Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association
ACGA staff has been monitoring the wolf situation very closely and there have been some very recent developments of which you should be aware:

**Please know we have tried our best to confirm all numbers but the final reports from the government agencies responsible have not been released.  

As of early this afternoon, an ACGA member has informed us of 11 livestock depredations on their operation. In addition we have confirmed that one individual pack of wolves (male and female) have been recorded to have 5 depredations – well over the three strikes rule we all believed was in place.

The ACGA member has had a depredation occur each of the last three nights and these kills have been confirmed.

The cooperative agencies that work on this issue (AZGFD, USDA-APHIS) have worked closely with the local ranch community and understand that the response has been slow and sorely inefficient.

Today USDA-APHIS has been allowed to move in and trap wolves around a fresh kill; however, ACGA feels strongly that a more aggressive approach should be taken.

What is ACGA doing?

  • We are working closely with affected ranchers on the ground to best assist their needs.
  • We are in communication with AZGFD, USDA-APHIS and USFWS so that we are informed with the most current information.
  • ACGA has expressed its concerns with USFWS with its inability to make the necessary decisions.
  • ACGA is actively exploring all litigious options.

As you all know, the wolf program is at a critical point and we are very aware of the multiple moving parts. We have discussed our disappointment with USFWS’s unacceptable actions to this point. ACGA has been committed to participating in the process and following the rules but our patience is wearing thin when the USFWS does not play by the rules, is slow to act and outside interests are driving management decisions through sue and settle.

We hope the USFWS can see their way through to make the right decisions for our industry and rural Arizona. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

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