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Tips For Overcoming Paradigm Lockdown

Usually after giving a talk, a number of people will come to visit with me. I’m still somewhat surprised when some assure me there’s no way my suggestions will work in their environment. “That won’t work on my place.” I … Continue reading

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Fed Cattle Prices Rally

This type of situation always makes me nervous boys. My advise? Hedge ’em while you can. — jtl Wes Ishmael via Beef Magazine The contra-seasonal price rally enjoyed by those selling calves and feeder cattle in recent weeks finally spread to … Continue reading

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State managed lands are more profitable than those managed by the feds.

Well who would have ever thought it. (That was sarcasm in case you didn’t detect it.) — jtl One of the most widely voiced fears of those who don’t understand the Transfer of Public Lands Act is that the states may not … Continue reading

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Setting Goals for Your Blank Grazing Chart

By Troy Bishopp  via On Pasture We know that the very idea of setting goals is horrifying to most of us. But this isn’t about those kinds of goals. This is about setting your grazing season’s goals to fit your business … Continue reading

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Stockers Offer Tremendous Marketing Flexibility

by Wes Ishmael in Cattle Economics If cattle feeding returns are aided by substantially lower feedstuff costs, calf and yearling prices are forecast to post annual increases throughout 2014. “If ever there was a year for cow-calf producers to wean, precondition and background spring-born calves, … Continue reading

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Simple Steps To Up Your Cow Herd’s Profitability

by W. Mark Hilton in Vet’s Opinion via Beef Magazine Here are some other routine procedures that take very little extra time, and can help you develop a healthier, more productive and profitable cow herd. Each fall, cattle veterinarians from North America and beyond … Continue reading

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National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: Don Edwards and “Little Joe The Wrangler”

If this doesn’t rouse you, you are not a cowboy! — jtl Posted on October 23rd, 2013 in Media, poetry Don Edwards at the 24th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering; this song was a part of Don’s “The Ghost of Jack Thorp” performance … Continue reading

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So Ya Got a Blank Grazing Chart. Now What?

By Troy Bishopp  via On Pasture Troy Bishopp has been working on making grazing planning easier for himself and his fellow farmers for quite awhile now. He’s found that grazing charts make it possible for him to successfully plan for his … Continue reading

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No Money For SD Ranchers?

This illustrates one (of many) reason why America will never be free again. Everybody wants everyone else’s ox gored but wants his left alone. That is why we call “elections” advanced auctions of the stolen merchandise. — jtl by Amanda Radke in BEEF … Continue reading

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Numbers Show Going Meatless Is Losing Its ‘Cool’

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily Participation in Meatless Mondays is dwindling. It’s been a decade since the Meatless Mondays campaign was launched. At first, it seemed everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to skip meat as a kickoff to their week. The campaign claimed … Continue reading

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