Are You Operating Your Ranch For Profit Or Convenience?

by Burke Teichert in Strategic Planning For The Ranch

If ranching isn’t fun and profitable, it isn’t sustainable. Thus, there’s very little incentive for the next generation to carry on.

In recent articles, I’ve asked how we define ourselves – cowboys, stockmen, grass farmers, ranchers, etc. I then proposed a few ways to avoid or escape “paradigm lockdown.” Last month, I suggested a way to easily and effectively analyze different methods of structuring and operating our businesses.

My purpose was to suggest that we too often use our thinking and planning time for tasks that either don’t matter much economically, or that we are already pretty good at. I’m not sure why that is; perhaps it’s just easier to keep doing what we’re doing and try to improve little by little.

I often see decisions made for the sake of convenience, personal preference or to maintain the current operating system rather than for profitability. It seems we get so emotionally engaged in what we are doing and the way we do it, that we would almost rather lose money than to change. And, I might add, that some do continue to lose money rather than change or even look for ways to change.

Dave Pratt, in his Ranching for Profit school, emphasizes the difference between “working in the business” (WITB) and “working on the business” (WOTB)…

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