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The Beef Market Continues To Rewrite The Record Book

I have nothing to go on except this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach–feels exactly like it did the last time I saw cattle crash from over a dollar to near a quarter almost overnight. — jtl  by Troy … Continue reading

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Editor’s Pick from Beef Daily

PETA Protest Calls For Extinction Of Cattle By: Amanda Radke It’s hard to believe people still take a group like People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seriously, as their escapades are so ridiculous and nonsensical. For instance, California-based SUN … Continue reading

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Cheaper Corn Prices Offer Options For Cow-Calf Producers

via Beef Producer Early 2014 provides different price dynamics for supplements. Cow-calf producers looking to add a protein supplement to rations may be choosing corn this year, says the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, likely because corn prices are falling. … Continue reading

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A Round-Up Of 3 Articles Ranchers Should Read This Week

By: Amanda Radke via BEEF Daily From reaching out to consumers, to sustainability in modern farming, to surviving this cold weather, here are three items ranchers should check out this week. To read more, click here. FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK … Continue reading

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Global Warming Alarmists, Looking Ridiculous, Double Down

Written by  Alex Newman g               Global warming alarmists are facing an increasingly skeptical public as their hysterical “climate-change” predictions continue to be exposed as wildly inaccurate. Still, the Obama administration, the Communist Party USA, radical Senate Democrats, the establishment media, and … Continue reading

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Cow-Calf Weekly

Via COW-CALF WEEKLY FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL ON FACE BOOK! 7 Ranching Operations Competing For Top Stewardship Title Stewardship; By Jamie Purfeerst, BEEF Senior Associate Editor Seven unique cattle operations, all regional honorees recognized for their outstanding efforts in … Continue reading

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Thought you guys might get a kick out of this

Y’all have a great and safe weekend. jtl FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL ON FACE BOOK!               —————————————————————— Books by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual by Jimmy … Continue reading

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Resolve To Be SMART

by Dave Pratt via Profit Tips A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships go way up in January. By Valentine’s Day that box of chocolates is looking pretty good and gym attendance is way down. It isn’t that … Continue reading

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The Good Lord Giveth, The Federalies Taketh Away

By Rob Nikolewski  via and American Lands Council “It was barely noticed on Capitol Hill, but the budget deal that just passed both houses of Congress changes the split between the federal government and states when it comes to royalties in oil and gas … Continue reading

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Ranching In A World Of Technology

via The American Cattlman   Herd management – those two words are huge for cattle producers as they work to keep their business profitable. More than ever before, herd management has entered the field of technology with software programs designed … Continue reading

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