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Range war heats up again between defiant Nevada rancher and BLM

by GENARO MOLINA  via the LOS ANGELES TIMES A federal court has ordered rancher Cliven Bundy to remove his cattle from land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in central Nevada. He refuses to do so. This fight is … Continue reading

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Grass-Fed Vs. Grain-Fed Ground Beef — No Difference In Healthfulness

By Stephen B. Smith, Texas A&M University The Internet is awash in websites that proclaim the nutritional benefits of ground beef from grass-fed cattle. However, researchers in Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science have published the only two research … Continue reading

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Will the Proposed Clean Water Act Hurt or Help Farmers?

As any tyrannical conqueror knows, before a people can be conquered and subjugated, they must be alienated from the land. Water makes a good surrogate because the land is essentially worthless without water. Water IS the land–especially in the arid Southwest. … Continue reading

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Panel Says Federal Wolf Plan Used Unproven Wildlife Science

Posted by Chris Gill in Invasion Biology, WILDLIFE & HUNTING NOTE: Article originally appeared in San Antonio Express News on February 7, 2014 (via Associated Press) BILLINGS, Mont. — A proposal to lift federal protections for gray wolves across most of the U.S. … Continue reading

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Pricier beef ‘here to stay’ as food costs seen higher: USDA

Note: Nothing is “here to stay” especially when you are talking about cattle markets. My advise would be to lock in the higher price at least on enough of your cattle to break-even although puts are pretty expensive right now. by … Continue reading

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The Green Scam of “Endangered Species”

by Alan Caruba via American Daily Herald “Throughout America we are all paying for the environmental notion of ‘endangered species’ and the quest to ‘save’ some from extinction.” A recent article in The Wall Street Journal took note of what has … Continue reading

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10 Resources for Ranching With Multiple Generations

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily Do you work with multiple generations on your ranch? Here are 10 resources to help you manage your family business better. Ranching is a family affair. 97% of farms are family-owned and operated, and many of those … Continue reading

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Use The Grazing Response Index To Evaluate Pasture Health

You might find something useful here but, overall, it is offered in a negative sense–as an example of how academia justifies its existence by spin–aka semantics. When reading, keep in mind that there is a much quicker, easier and practically … Continue reading

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Prepare for the unpredictable

Keep it simple, advises Shane Gibson by Debbie Furber via Canadian Cattlemen If anyone had predicted 20 years ago that Shane Gibson would someday run cattle as part of his farm operation, he would have said, “wrong.” As circumstances had it, he … Continue reading

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Patience pays with grass-finished beef

Retail-level profits for 30-month-old beef more than double that of 18-month-old beef by Daniel Winters via Manitoba Co-operator Jim Lintott photo: Daniel Winters In the grass-finished beef business, keeping a yearling an extra year is worth the wait. In fact, one could hardly … Continue reading

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