He’s A ‘Racist,’ So Now The Feds Are Free To Kill Cliven Bundy

by   via Personal Liberty Digest

Cliven Bundy made some impolitic statements on race in the presence of a reporter for The New York Times. Of course, the mainstream media, which virtually ignored the story of Federal government’s overreaching and violent land grab for weeks, suddenly found enthusiasm for it. They jumped all over Bundy’s “racism,” but continued to ignore the bigger story.

Prior to his remarks — in which Bundy said he was wondering whether those blacks who live a life of government dependence, who sit around all day not working and who see their young men being imprisoned and their daughters aborting babies are any freer today than they were as slaves — the best slur the regime’s propaganda machine could contrive to demonize Bundy was to label him a tax dodger. While that riled up some on the left — particularly those who thrive off the backs of others and want to ensure their gravy train continues to provide them with their “fair share” — distrust, if not outright hatred, of the Internal Revenue Service tempered the outrage. After all, all American “taxpayers” do all they can to avoid paying more taxes than they are required to pay by law. Many even “fudge” a little bit when prudent.

But now we have the specter of racism introduced.

Regimes have a long and storied history in propagandizing the masses against the regime’s enemy du jour. When the truth will not do, it often uses false flags or outright lies. This is as true of the American regime as with totalitarian regimes with which the U.S. has warred through the years, as well as those that came before it.

In 1992, Federal agents assaulted a home at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. They shot a dog. When 13-year-old Sammy Weaver went to investigate the commotion, he was shot in the back by U.S. Marshal Larry Cooper.

FBI snipers were called in. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Sammy’s father, Randy, in the back as he went to an outbuilding to view Sammy’s body. Horiuchi then spotted Sammy’s mother, Vicki Weaver, standing in the house holding a baby. Horiuchi bravely shot Vicki in the head, posing a threat as she did to Horiuchi and his armed brownshirt friends while holding her loaded baby.

From the Federal government and the regime’s propaganda machine, we learned how Weaver’s “crimes” justified the assault on his house and the slaughter of his wife and son. A neighbor with whom Weaver had a land dispute wrote letters to the Federal government and local law enforcement saying that Weaver had threatened to the kill the pope and President Ronald Reagan in the mid-1980s. He was an individualist. He had fundamentalist beliefs. His wife home-schooled their children. He attended an Aryan Nations rally (read racist). He had illegal guns. Oh, the horrors!

Of course, that the threats against Reagan and the pope were never substantiated and that the “illegal” guns he had came from an FBI entrapment scheme were not part of the narrative.

In 1993, Federal agents could have arrested David Koresh on any one of his frequent journeys into Waco, Texas. Instead, they assembled a strike force and attacked the Branch Davidian compound. They were surprised that a group of Americans would resist their armed pleasantries, and a gunfight ensued that left four FBI agents and five Branch Davidians dead.

For 51 days, the FBI and state’s propaganda arm warned that women and children were in danger of harm from Koresh. The official story was that Koresh led a religious cult and he was engaged in polygamy, sex with underage girls and stockpiling illegal weapons.

Of course, no proof of that was ever presented by the government, nor did the media require it. It was enough that it was a compelling story at the beginning of 24-hour cable news.

It turns out that it was the government, not Koresh, that posed the danger. The FBI gassed and burned the compound’s occupants. Not even the women and children the FBI was “protecting” were spared the inferno. Afterward, we heard from the state that it was their own fault. They could have just surrendered, don’t you know?

On Sept. 30, 2011, a U.S. drone obliterated Anwar al-Awlaki. It was the first targeted killing of an American citizen. Because al-Awlaki was a “terrorist,” most Americans applauded his death. No evidence of his “terrorism” was ever presented in court. The media didn’t care, and neither did most of the people. He was a terrorist plain and simple. The media said so. So did the regime.

Now we know that Bundy is a racist. The media tell us so because of an inartful statement — a statement in which he should have correctly referred to everyone who subsists solely on the government as a slave — he made to a group of supporters in the reporter’s presence. It was a statement by a man who has suddenly found himself with a rapt audience, a statement made by a man unprepared for the attention — both fawning and scornful — and not polished as a speaker.

It’s quite different from Senator Robert Byrd (KKK-W.Va.) who twice used the term “white nigger” in an interview. And it’s quite different from Jesse Jackson and his Hymie-town remarks. They were given a pass by the state because they are statists.

But for Bundy, now the government is free to kill him. He opposes big government. He’s a racist, you know. If you don’t agree, you must be a racist, too.

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