Chipotle and Grass Finished

Chipotle’s CEO is full of shit. He has simply not tried very hard to find a source for grass finished beef in the uSSA. I know lots of people that would be more than willing to forward contract finishing his cattle on grass to whatever specifications he would want–if the right deal is made. You grass guys need to make him an offer he can’t refuse. — jtl, 419

Cowboys Respond to Chipotle

Want “responsibly raised beef?” Call us, say two California ranchers. Darrell Wood is a cow/calf producer in Vina, Calif., and president of Panorama Meats, a supplier of certified organic, 100% grass-finished beef to retailers in the Western United States. Darrel Sweet is a cow/calf producer in Livermore, Calif., who raises cattle on grass then sells them to a feedyard in California that finishes the cattle on a combination grass and grain. The two Darrel(l)s provided their perspectives on the announcement that Chipotle will now source grass-fed beef from Australia.

Is Grass-Fed Beef Bullsh!t?

While you’re waiting for your blood pressure to simmer down after reading about Chipotle and their search for more grass-fed beef, Josh Ozersky writes in Esquire that grass-fed beef is a “scam.”

He says it’s like bragging about “soil-grown potatoes.” Writing for, Melissa McEwen expands on Ozersky’s description, claiming that grass-fed is “now a meaningless platitude used to market sub-standard products to gullible consumers.”

Yeah, don’t high-five Melissa, though. In the rest of the article she tries to convince us she’s a knowledgeable foodie with dirty-boots experience raising cattle. She gives herself away as just another food charlatan with a keyboard when she writes, “I’d rather my beef eat some hay with some occasional high-quality corn than a diet of chopped rotting GMO corn stalks that technically count as ‘grass.'” Yeah. Then there’s this: “America would be a better place if the most miserable feedlots were regulated out of existence and consumers didn’t have to scrutinize menus to avoid junk.” No, Melissa, America would be a better place if people didn’t pass themselves off as experts about subjects they know little about. Then we wouldn’t have to scrutinize websites to “avoid junk.”

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About Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.

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