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Restoring Desert Grasslands with Livestock

Here we go again. More on the one and only grazing method that can double (at least) carrying capacity and triple (at least) cash flow laced and tainted with “global warming” and “factory farm” communist bullshit. Of course, all you … Continue reading

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Restoring Desert Grasslands: Yeomans Keyline Subsoiling Results at the Circle Ranch, August 2014

Be sure to watch the drone video–the next generation of rangeland monitoring. — jtl by Chris Gill via Circle Ranch Blog Here is a cheap, fast, environmentally-friendly alternative to range poisoning with herbicides. When combined with holistic planned grazing of cattle, and … Continue reading

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Laxalt: Nevada should sue over Endangered Species Act

Don’t hold your breath. I know, I know I’m too young to be that cynical. lol — jtl, 419 Adam Laxalt, candidate for Attorney General, speaks with the Review-Journal editorial board on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (Mark Damon/Las Vegas Review-Journal) … Continue reading

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Prison ends wild horse program; BLM must remove 1,100 animals

Corrections officials said the program was burning a hole in their budget, that what was meant to be self-sustaining had become a financially unfeasible enterprise. This is what happens to anything that is turned over to government. — jtl, 419 … Continue reading

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American Lands Council Newsletter

Please go to the link below and check it out. It is a good cause. After all, what could be a better cause than retching the grubby hands of the FedGov off of a zillion acres of abused “public” land? … Continue reading

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Junior Midnight: Documentary to chronicle life of Oswald-bred horse

by Jan Swan Wood via Tri-State Livestock News After his recovery at the Connecticut correctional facility, “Blackie” showed the quality in his breeding and that something special that also caught the eye of Kelly Colbert who now owns him. Photo courtesy … Continue reading

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Corruption of Academic Journals For Profit and Climate Change Propaganda

So, the “climate change” believers and their academic propagandists are now on notice. We’ve got their number so they need to quit chirping about the “science” being “settled.” Actually, this may be “news” but it is certainly not NEW. Having once been a … Continue reading

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Clean Water, Scarcity, and Market Prices

This is a tad more “scholarly” than what we normally publish. However, although the focus is on water, the basic Econ 101 principles apply to all natural resources. — jtl, 419 by Rhett Lloyd via Mises Daily: Scarcity is an important aspect … Continue reading

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Surprising Rise of the Club of Rome

This is precisely why I am so skeptical about the things that the Enviro Wackos say and do. When “Limits to Growth” was published, I was fresh home from Vietnam and mad at the world. I then went to graduate … Continue reading

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Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands of Mexico

This is very near where we lived for a year while I did the research for my PhD dissertation. I love that place and miss it greatly. I’d be there now if we didn’t have so much invested in real … Continue reading

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