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New Ap You Might Like

I like to keep up with the markets but my level of involvement doesn’t require tick by tick monitoring. But never the less, I thought this was interesting and realize that some of you might like to have it. Check … Continue reading

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Talk, tweet and shout about antibiotics for food animals: We’ve sat back long enough

by Debbie Furber via the Canadian Cattlemen. Dr. Leigh Rosengren feels consumers need to hear an important message from producers when it comes to antibiotic resistance Photo: Supplied Sickness happens. When animals get sick they need treatment every bit as … Continue reading

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Dec LC Carve Out a Trading Range, Bears in the Weeds

By Cassie Fish, via The Beef Most active Dec LC is rallying this morning but it’s really been going nowhere fast. Instead for 2 weeks it’s wearing out the pavement between $165 and $170 just ahead of the roll. Dec has been … Continue reading

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5 Ways an Investigative Reporter Got It Wrong About Beef Production

Once one understands the problem, which is government interventionism, it is pretty easy to read between the lines of articles like this one. Although Becky did a fine job of rebutting the mouth breathing moron, I see way too many references … Continue reading

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Deadline Extended

from Patrick Bray, EVP, Arizona Cattlemen’s Association Submit Comments to Stop EPA from Expanding Clean Water Act Authority If you haven’t yet submitted comments, do so now before the November 14th deadline with a few easy steps! Click HERE for comments you … Continue reading

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Feds Move to Make ‘Climate Change’ Solutions Part of Organic Food Production

You “organic et al” guys are going to love this one. (Tongue in cheek.) — jtl By Staff News & Analysis from the Daily Bell U.S.D.A. to Start Program to Support Local and Organic Farming … The organic food business … Continue reading

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Bringing In The Horses – Hunewill Ranch

Lots of horses. You guys that are doing planned grazing and looking for things like hoof action and herd effect should know that horses are actually better at that than are cattle. That is because of the way they scuff … Continue reading

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Corn Steals the Limelight as Cattle Pause

From The Beef By Cassie Fish, CBOT corn futures have put together a brilliant and unexpected rally since October 1, 53 cents off of the lows. A ploddingly slow harvest combined with a bin-ringing empty pipeline and aggressive initial demand by the … Continue reading

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3 Beef Headlines: McDonald’s vs. Chipotle & Fat vs. Carbs

by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily This week’s beef headlines look at consumer concerns about hormones in beef, an expert’s view on why animal fats and proteins are essential for optimal health, and a new comparison of McDonald’s vs. Chipotle … Continue reading

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The Ride with Cord McCoy: Miniature Bull Riding

What an opportunity! jtl CowHorseProductions Cord McCoy talks with miniature bull riders at the National Western Stock Show. Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View edited by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume Is now available in both PAPERBACK and Kindle … Continue reading

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