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Cattle Futures Waiting on Cash Trade

From The Beef By Cassie Fish, Higher early, the first four contract months haven’t taken out yesterday’s highs yet and all but expiring Dec are below the 40-day moving average. The recovery off the lows has been impressive but the larger question … Continue reading

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What Will Happen After the Dec. 31, 2014 Deadline Has Passed?

As 2014 rolls to a close, there has been a lot of attention given in the media to the Dec. 31, 2014 deadline specified in the Transfer of Public Lands Act of 2012. Opponents use it as point of mocking, … Continue reading

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Big Farming Confronts Organic Farming – and the Results May Be Explosive

 STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS The Daily Bell New Aerial Photos Suggest Big Organic Farmers May Be Lying to Us … Consumers of organic eggs and milk like knowing that the cows and chickens on organic farms are treated decently. Many … Continue reading

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Lots of consensus, so why no agreement?

There’s no denying that producers’ overwhelming support of the checkoff is due to the fact that it is highly efficient and effective. But as long as the checkoff is perceived by some as a tool to potentially affect policy issues, … Continue reading

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No More Poison – Life Without De-Wormers

By Joe Camp via The Soul of a Horse When we began this journey with horses, now a whopping eight years ago, we were told to de-worm our horses regularly. Some said every six weeks. Every horse. “Isn’t that stuff … Continue reading

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CME Cattle Futures Roar Higher

Out of over 50 years of watching cattle markets, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite this wild and woolly. Hang in there and don’t panic. — jtl From The Beef By Cassie Fish, Right out the door this morning, … Continue reading

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Grass management is critical in 2015; plus: 3 tips for winter pasture management

This is the absolute most wrong headed article that I have seen in a while–forever maybe. The three “recommendations” provide the perfect recipe for the destruction of perfrectly good rangeland. Consider fertilizing in winter – especially in the west, rangeland … Continue reading

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Top NFR wrecks of 2014

Man, I’m telling you what, sitting here in a neck brace, it was all I could do to watch this all the way through. It is hard to see how some of these guys walked away from some of these … Continue reading

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CME Feeder Slide Continues

from  The Beef By Cassie Fish, It’s supposed to be a quiet holiday trade, but no one told Jan feeder cattle futures, where the action this morning resembles an express elevator ride with only a down button. Surprising even bears, Jan has … Continue reading

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8 tips for being a better ranch manager in 2015

New Year’s resolution time. Maybe some of this will help. — jtl, 419 by Burke Teichert in Strategic Planning For The Ranch Since August 2011, I’ve written 41 articles for BEEF magazine. In spite of each article being different, there … Continue reading

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