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RURAL RADIO to Launch on SiriusXM

Thought some of you might be interested. jtl From RURAL RADIO, L.L.C: Sirius XM Radio and RURAL RADIO, L.L.C. today announced the creation of RURAL RADIO, a 24/7 channel devoted to providing a wide variety of programming for and about … Continue reading

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“A Day in the life of a Stable Owner”

Some of the most abused tracts of land I have ever seen in my long career in land management have been small “horse properties.” These commonly consist of 20-40 acre tracts carved out of a larger ranch that had to … Continue reading

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Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, say scientists

This was posted on LinkedIn by the Savory Institute. I offer it as an example of the type of unsupportable, leftist-Marxist, One World Agenda 21 propaganda horseshit posing as “science” that has caused me to distance myself from the Savory … Continue reading

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Under the microscope: ESA peer reviews

   If it’s possible that USFWS may have a bias toward listing species and designating inappropriately large habitat areas, this report shows how the agency may be short-changing the peer review process to achieve those goals. Some of the techniques … Continue reading

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New Lows as Cattle Futures Rout Continues

From The Beef By Cassie Fish, CME cattle futures have only bearish friends. Those that played for a corrective rally yesterday saw it fade well before the close. Setting aside the steep discounts to cash held by futures and the thought process … Continue reading

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Rotational grazing for beginners

This is a very good little primer/introduction to planned grazing from a Canadian colleague. If you are a self-teacher and highly motivated, our book, Planned Grazing is probably all you would need to fill in the minute details. But whether or … Continue reading

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Rare wolves to get more area to roam in Southwest

The Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that 300 to 325 Mexican wolves would be needed in the U.S. Southwest for the animals to be considered recovered and stripped of protections under the federal Endangered Species Act. They originally led us … Continue reading

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Friends of the Earth are the Enemies of Mankind

Written by Alan Caruba via American Daily Herald The environmentalist agenda, such as that favored by groups like Friends of the Earth, would be disaster for all mankind if ever enacted. It’s such a benign sounding name, Friends of the … Continue reading

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New Week; Same Old Downtrend

By Cassie Fish, It’s only the beginning of the third week of 2015 but the downtrend in CME cattle futures that resumed on January 8 is picking up an ugly head of steam. Within 30 minutes of this morning’s opening … Continue reading

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Fight temptation this spring; your pastures will reward you

 I offer this as a prime example of the totally wrong-headed conventional approach to range and pasture management—a checklist for what NOT to do, if you will. — jtl From Dow AgroSciences via Beef If you decide your situation warrants … Continue reading

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