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UN Climate Boss Resigns in Scandal, Says Mission Is “Religion”

Not so coincidentally, Part I of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View is entitled Environmentalism: The New State Religion and Part II is devoted to Debunking the New State Religion. Indeed it is a cult. — jtl, 419 … Continue reading

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5 resources addressing hormones & beef

Some day, “if” I ever get time (“if” frogs carried machine guns, birds wouldn’t screw with them), I’m going to research and write up a history of how and where these silly ideas (that fly in the face of the … Continue reading

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Horse Training and Stallions

I have a story of my own (imagine that lol) about a stallion. Actually, the story is about an old uncle who was (I think) working for the 6es at the time. Somehow he found himself horseback in the alley … Continue reading

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Divided Lands: State vs. Federal Management in the West

At 35 pages, this is a tad long for a blog post. But, it is a well done and documented study and well worth the read. Follow the link at the bottom to continue reading. Even if you don’t live … Continue reading

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Ranch Diaries: Why we manage our cattle horseback

 High Country News is mostly devoted to spittle chinned Marxists. (I subscribe in order to keep up with what the enemy is up to.) But on rare occasion, they publish a pretty good article. This happens to be one of those. … Continue reading

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Cattle Futures Break Accelerates

So the blame has been laid on declining demand, both for beef and for cattle futures contracts. The demand for beef is a “derived” demand. It starts at the supermarket meat counter and works its way back through the marketing … Continue reading

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New video debunks the myth about water usage in beef production

I can’t believe that the mouth breathers that start nonsense like this think we are totally stupid. Water is not “used” in the sense of being created or destroyed. There is a fixed amount of water in the hydrologic cycle. … Continue reading

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3 ways the government committee got it wrong on the dietary guidelines

Unfortunately, the committee is recommending dietary guidelines that could have incredibly ill effects on America’s overall health. Well, what do you expect from a group of government functionaries who live as parasites on the backs of the productive class? — jtl By … Continue reading

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FitRep Update

Due to updated information, I think I might have been conned. While we were there, the Medical Center Hospital’s computer system went down. SOP when the Dr comes in: We pull up the Ct pics and discuss them. We didn’t … Continue reading

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From 1750 AD? UN Calculates 300-year “Climate Debt” for United States

Which is, simply, the UN’s way of channeling Karl Marx’s famous dictum, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” into global policy for effecting the confiscation and transfer of gigantic portions of the planet’s wealth. … Continue reading

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