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Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

Why is the control system so eager to push for “sustainable” earth but nothing else apparently needs to be sustainable? Easy question. They don’t care. They worship the earth. To them, people are the scourge of the earth and something … Continue reading

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3 ways to educate kids about where their food comes from

Today’s youth are four and five generations removed from the family farm; here are three ways ranchers can get involved in educating our nation’s youth about where their food comes from. by Amanda Radke  via Beef Daily Children have an … Continue reading

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Most Common Errors In Livestock Fencing & How To Avoid Them

“Putting a steel post anywhere into an electric fence is a big mistake, because you are then relying on the insulator to keep your fence from shorting out.” Yep, I learned that one the hard way. — jtl by Alaina … Continue reading

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Looking for ways to manage the pain

Back in the Go-Go days of the Tax Shelter Cowboy (early 70s) the “thing to do” was buy light cattle in the deep South and truck them to California to winter grass and feedlots. These cattle were spindly, sickly and … Continue reading

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Study claims red meat triggers cancer; 5 resources say otherwise

The first four words should be a heavy hint as to what is in store. A University of California study claims red meat causes a toxic immune reaction that eventually leads to cancer. Here are five resources that say otherwise. … Continue reading

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Ranch Diaries: Ways to reduce the inevitable risks

On cattle futures, planning for potential drought, and grazing cows to encourage forage growth. Some of you may have already seen this, but it was such a great example of exactly what we’ve been talking about I wanted to make … Continue reading

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Yep, it is pretty simple. Property rights originate when an individual finds a previously unclaimed natural resource, mixes his labor (sweat) with it and thus makes the product an extension of himself and therefore his property.  After that, he is free … Continue reading

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Marketing versus production risk in your cattle operation

One reason I publish articles like this is to give me something to talk about.  Anytime two ranchers get together the discussion will almost always turn to the weather and/or cattle prices. Then they will generally conclude that, they have … Continue reading

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5 questions ranch families should ask before adding the next generation to the business

Ranching is a family business, but it isn’t always easy being in business with multiple generations and in-laws. Here are five questions ranching families should ask before inviting another generation into the business. Something comes to mind that (I seem … Continue reading

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3 ways to balance out the Meat Free Week conversations

 “If the population of Portland skipped meat for a day, not only would more than 300,000 animals be saved, but more than 90 million square feet of rainforest and 2.2 billion gallons of water would be preserved.” Where on earth … Continue reading

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