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Excessive Federal Land Ownership is a Bad Idea for all Americans

via American Lands Council Recently, Utah Senator, Mike Lee, uploaded a video that explains why excessive federal land ownership is a bad idea for ALL Americans, not just those in the west. He explains that, “The federal government’s monopoly on … Continue reading

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Why I disagree with Temple Grandin on reteaching predator instincts in cattle

Temple Grandin recently generated some controversy over her comments that ranchers need to reteach their herds to have better protective instincts against predators. Here’s why I believe “re-wilding” cattle is a bad idea and docility should be a top priority … Continue reading

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John Deere’s Weird Idea of ‘Ownership’

Property rights are the cornerstone of a free society. They were already under attack long before John Deere started computerizing farm tractors. Usually the attackers are from some level of government, but large corporations are joining the fun…Yet the corporate … Continue reading

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Water Rights

I can’t emphasize enough how important a thorough understanding of water law and rights is to Western ranchers. The only way to conquer a people is to alienate them from the land. In the West, water IS the land. Without … Continue reading

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Dakota Rancher Makes Money Replacing Hay With Grazing

“The ingredients for success are quite simple,” he says. “Small-frame animals with the right genetics, May to June calving in our area, and carefully managing forage so that enough of the right kind is stockpiled for the winter season.” Finally … Continue reading

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Searching for the best dog to save livestock — and wildlife

Conservationists have hailed the recovery of apex predators, which stabilize ecosystems, generate tourism revenues and serve as emblems of wildness in a world wracked by extinction.  This might be of interest especially to those of you who now live in … Continue reading

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4 tips for dry-lotting beef cattle

Concerned about having enough forages to get through the 2015 summer grazing season? Many producers are considering semi-confinement, or “intensification,” for their herds. Here are four tips for successfully dry-lotting beef cattle. Is it a mystery to anyone why so … Continue reading

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3 must-read beef headlines to kick off your Monday morning

This week’s roundup of positive beef headlines includes five myths debunked, a former vegetarian praising the sustainability of beef cattle production, and how cattle might be the cure for Ebola. Check out these must-read beef headlines this morning. Maybe we … Continue reading

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A pack of lies

Why, prey tell, would a bunch of oxygen stealing assholes like PETA want to destroy the Australian Sheep Industry? via Digital Farm TV If the link won’t work for you, try copy and pasting: The Victorian Farmers’ Federation has … Continue reading

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Oath Keepers providing security in mine dispute with BLM

 “This is NOT a standoff with BLM,” the group insists. “We are NOT promoting any confrontation with BLM. This is a security operation for the protection of Constitutional Rights.” And that would be a good thing because the BLM does … Continue reading

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