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Obama administration forces ‘EPA’s unprecedented land grab’ on Americans

“The proposed rule provides none of the clarity and certainty it promises. Instead, it creates confusion and risk by providing the agencies with almost unlimited authority to regulate, at their discretion, any low spot where rainwater collects, including common farm … Continue reading

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Cows Can Change the World

Alan Savory is a brilliant man when it comes to ecology. However, his political views have a serious port side list and they have since the days of Rhodesia. Be that as it may, in this article, he showed some … Continue reading

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Cattle are one of America’s best-kept environmental secrets

Unlike any other protein, ruminants are able to populate large areas of geography, consuming the vegetation and in so doing, create protein. At the same time, cattle replace nutrients back into the land in the form of natural fertilizer. Well, … Continue reading

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Wyoming trespass law is the latest in grazing battle

Frank accused Ratner of “blatant trespasses,” and questioned WWP’s technical ability to collect accurate data. What a mess! It’s reminiscent of an incident that occurred in Trans-Pecos, Texas several years back.  The National Park Service lusts after establishing a National … Continue reading

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Wanted – Sage Grouse Protectors – Annual Salary at $100,000

Did you ever notice how government’s  universal solution to all “problems” is to throw money at them? The problem is that it is never their own money. — jtl, 419 by Peter Christian, KGVO This from the Associated Press via … Continue reading

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Farmland management changes can boost carbon sequestration rates

“In less than a decade, management-intensive grazing restores these soils to levels of organic matter they had as native forests. These farms accumulate soil carbon at rates as fast as ever measured globally.” Well whoopie doo! What I like most … Continue reading

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10 Tools Needed By Globalists To Finally Get Their One World Government

…it’s difficult to imagine that anyone actually believes there is a difference between Left and Right, Democrats and Republicans. Without the ability of the control system to maintain the illusion of choice between two parties which serve the exact same … Continue reading

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EPA poised to issue landmark water regulations

The Obama administration is about to unveil an ambitious — and hotly disputed — plan to strengthen its authority over minor water bodies like wetlands, streams and ponds. check this out: The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “waters of the United … Continue reading

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Hey Grimes, what’s up dude?

Almost since day 1, it has always been a tradition at FlyoverPress to republish “Hey Grimes” each Memorial Day. Gary Lynn Grimes was a pure and honorable man. His story is tragic but, more than that, it is representative of … Continue reading

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Your Government-Approved Diet May Kill You

 By the end of the book, it seemed very clear that almost everything Uncle Sam told us about the “dangers” of saturated fat is completely wrong. That being said, it is past time to demolish the USDA food guide pyramid. … Continue reading

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