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Ranchers applaud USDA’s $211 million for sage grouse conservation

 It’s an example of how ranchers and the federal government can cooperate in a win-win effort that keeps grazing lands productive for both cattle and wildlife. It is a shining example of a crock of government crap and “welfare for … Continue reading

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How Many People Can Planet Earth Sustain?

…market prices… give private owners the proper incentives to balance current consumption against future uses, even for nonrenewable resources. It is, in fact, democratically elected government officials who are myopic, since their control over such resources is fleeting. This is … Continue reading

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Court says no to EPA’s WOTUS rule

Good news, especially seeing how the rule was scheduled to take effect today! We get a break every now and then. — jtl, 419 From Craig Rucker at CFACT At the eleventh hour a federal court ordered an injunction blocking … Continue reading

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The Saretsky family blazes new marketing trails

One Earth has become the largest vertically integrated, natural beef program in Canada involving 9,000 cows on former Diamond Willow and HAB partnering ranches in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario and upwards of 20,000 calves raised under certified natural protocols each … Continue reading

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4 important tips for navigating the rocky waters of WOTUS rule

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule is set to go into effect on Friday. Are ranchers prepared to be in compliance with this broad and vague rule? Will the courts overturn the rule? Here are … Continue reading

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Rally Time

By Cassie Fish, via The Beef Read After a big wash-out prior to 1:00 p.m. yesterday in CME cattle futures, the market began creeping up in the afternoon, portending the +100 point higher opening today. Leaving a big tail on … Continue reading

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Buy In Or Buy Out

If the kids want to be in business, they should make a business-like decision to buy in. Skin in the game is the best motivator of all. — jtl, 419 Dave Pratt via Ranching for Profit Blog In response to … Continue reading

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Ignoring the water problem is no longer an option

The water crisis is about much more than water. Last of a three-part series. Due mainly to government intervention that does not allow the allocation of scarce resources among insatiable desires to work through free market pricing, water has been … Continue reading

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Why Do Cattle Futures Act So Bad?

Cattle Futures Unrelenting Sell-Off Continues No comment. I plead the 5th. And I promise to never say that I reminded you guys dozens of times that you needed to have them hedged. Actually, right now is a great time for … Continue reading

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Low-stress herding boosts herd instinct, decreases predation

 Stockmanship isn’t about being kinder and gentler so much as learning to see it from the cattle’s point of view and acting accordingly. Back in the early days (when it was still properly called the Savory Grazing Method (SGM)) one … Continue reading

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