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Half Gone

What took 5 years to unfold has been erased by half in one year. As “Dandy” Don Merideth used to sing: Turn out the lights,the party’s over they say that all good things must end call it a night,the party’s … Continue reading

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Preventing Hay Fires

… hay moisture concentration has a major effect on the microbial activity that can lead to hay fires. Yeah, and blow the end of your barn off too. — jtl by Holly Wiemers, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, … Continue reading

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Cow confinement can improve pastures

We need to be prepared to protect our native range from overgrazing; we need to be planning to give late season rest to those native pastures; and we need be trying to incorporate prescribed fire and I think those are … Continue reading

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Fossil fuel extraction on public lands is the next climate fight

Stopping Keystone is only one part of the larger agenda to keep fossil fuels in the ground. This is offered for those of you who like to keep up with what the enemy is up to. Did you ever notice … Continue reading

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Here’s what separates the empire builders from the rest

Those who start at the bottom and reach the very top of the cattle business do things differently. Pay attention boys and girls. Get big. Get efficient. Or get out. — Sam Little. Or as as Stan Parsons put it, … Continue reading

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Preg testing cows is easier than it used to be

I saw a demonstration of a new model of “extension-arm ultrasound” at the Arizona Cattle Growers meeting last July. It is an awesome piece of gear and, especially if you are a registered breeder, you really should look into it. … Continue reading

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What We’re Learning About Senior Horses

Improved equine preventative care techniques, and a better understanding of conditions in older horses, have led to significant expansion of this golden-age demographic. I’m betting that there are more than a few of you who have an old timer that … Continue reading

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Crunch the numbers before you buy those heifers

  And you had best have a top of the line direct cost accounting system. — jtl, 419 By Heather Maude via Beef Magazine Carefully analyze the cost of buying, selling and retaining replacement heifers.  “The days of developing heifers … Continue reading

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Rent an Acre or Buy an Acre, That Is the Question

Do you want to be in the farming business or the real estate business? In getting around the country, giving talks, teaching seminars, etc. I frequently find it appropriate to tell listeners, “You can make money ranching.” Invariably hear someone … Continue reading

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Pope, Others Call for Addressing Climate Change Now

Mr. President, I find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future … Continue reading

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