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Mathematicians, Legendary Physicist, IPCC Expert Throw Wrenches Into UN Climate Summit

As host of the United Nations climate summit this December, the French government is pulling out all stops to make it a “success,” striving mightily to create the impression of unquestionable “consensus” on global warming — even if it means … Continue reading

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Intensive grazing, sell-buy marketing stabilized this operation

Art McElroy’s cattle on pasture. Photo: Supplied By Heather Smith Thomas at Canadian Cattlemen Art McElroy farms in southern Saskatchewan, 50 miles east of Alberta. “My wife Leslie and I — and our children — moved here from the family … Continue reading

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Scientists cry foul over IARC red meat-cancer conclusions

…the process typically involves scientists who have previously published research on the substance being reviewed and may have a vested interest in defending their own research… Imagine that! Anyone who cites anything done by the UN (WHO) has proven him/her-self … Continue reading

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Control of federal lands emerges as an issue in the GOP presidential race

 “The further we move east,” he said, “the more confused people get about public lands.” Ain’t that the damned truth? The problem is that everybody (easterner as well as westerner) is paying the price for piss poor land management. I … Continue reading

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He lost his job over this

“What if” only 2,000 of us were willing to fight (and possibly die) over Napilitano’s “what ifs?”           A Handbook for Ranch Managers.  In keeping with the “holistic” idea that the land, the livestock, the people and the money … Continue reading

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Cancer ‘hazard’ not a cancer ‘risk,’ meat industry cautions

 Sector responds to report on meats from WHO’s cancer research arm…IARC defines an agent that “may cause cancer at some level, under some circumstance,” as a “cancer hazard.” You can bet that they (IARC) took all they liberty they thought … Continue reading

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3 ways to disprove IARC on red meat & cancer link

Although IARC considered more than 800 studies to make this conclusion, I believe the committee purposely chose to ignore the large body of research submitted by the beef checkoff and independent scientists. This action is irresponsible at best and malicious … Continue reading

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Devolution: A Canadian Solution to Excessive Federal Ownership of Public Lands

 On April 1, Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) celebrated an important milestone – the first anniversary of devolution. Devolution is the transfer of jurisdiction over territorial lands from the Canadian federal government to the territorial governments. Even socialistic Canada is ahead … Continue reading

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Subway admits antibiotics have their place in animal agriculture

When Subway announced it would be going “antibiotic-free,” the agricultural industry was quick to respond. Although the chain isn’t changing its tune, it has issued a statement about the benefits of antibiotics to treat sick animals. I’m reminded of the … Continue reading

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Red River Land Grab. |

Read the US Constitution, the Nuremberg Trials, know what your Oath means before you take a governmental position, understand that ALL who serve within our governments whatever the position are REQUIRED to take and KEEP that Oath. Do not allow … Continue reading

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