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5 Encouraging Thoughts During a Down Cycle

Recently, my dad told me it’s not a quick game. The goal is to build net worth and be patient. Successful agriculture operations will dedicate more time focusing on finances and marketing. They may not cut back on the operations … Continue reading

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Hackamore Hints

By richardbeal Properly fit a bosal on your horse’s nose with this video tip from Richard Caldwell. Unfortunately Richard is no longer with us but he was one of the very best Vaquero style cowboys.“>       FOLLOW FLYOVER … Continue reading

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Cattle Rustling U.S.A., Where ’Rawhide’ Meets ’Breaking Bad’

 Signs of our times. Sigh… Or is it just a turn back to the “Wild Wild West?” Ou rah! jtl, 419 The following is a portion of an article by Jon Herskovitz and Heide Brandes  via Cattle rustling, a … Continue reading

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Is the New World Order Dying? Part 2

 Some people would consider this overly optimistic. My response to that is to point out that the journey to human freedom versus enslavement is a dynamic process with ups and downs. Those pushing for a one world government are fighting … Continue reading

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Old Cowboys and the Cowboy Way

by Tom Sidwell This is well worth your time to watch these excerpts from the original 1916 cellulose nitrate film.  Old cowboys will appreciate this.  The setting is the Tannehill Brothers 92,000 acre lease on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in … Continue reading

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Paul Bogart | Cowboy Ride | A Video Tribute to Legendary Cowboys

I am particularly touched by this seeing as how I actually knew some of those guys. And, although I couldn’t hold a light, even competed against some of them, Freckles Brown for example. I was honored just to be allowed … Continue reading

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Subway vows to go “antibiotic-free”

Subway’s announcement follows other restaurant chains that have caved to activist pressures and consumer demands based on misinformation about antibiotic use in food animals. Other restaurants include McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Panera Bread, among others. If consumer demands are indeed … Continue reading

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Wolves of the West

By Debbie Furber The Canadian Cattlemen Are they as big a threat as they appear to be? Photo: Thinkstock   Reports of cattle losses to wolves continue to come in from across the West. Official estimates indicate wolf populations are … Continue reading

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Sen Mike Lee Farm Bill vs America – How Congress “Extorts Political Concessions” from America

The most disappointing and shameful thing about American agriculture is how so many people look and talk down upon the welfare state while, at the same time and as a group, being the largest welfare recipient on earth–with the possible … Continue reading

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Cloud’s Legacy, The Wild Stallion Returns

This is interesting and some very good photography. Just don’t let Ginger’s projection of human traits onto horses make you puke. Hey, horses are “prey” animals and, like all such animals, they run in herds — a behavioral characteristic that … Continue reading

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