Letter to Sheriff Ward Regarding the Hammonds

Sheriff David Ward is a criminal that needs to be charged, arrested, tried, found guilty and hung for treason. — jtl, 419


I promised to keep you updated.  Please read this copy of a letter I recently sent to Sheriff Ward regarding the Hammonds.

Dear Sheriff David Ward,

I have received information through multiple sources that you, in conjunction with federal agencies, have enlisted, the state, and five surrounding counties to come to your protection. That officers and military equipment have been transported to Harney County to aid in your personal security. That these officers have been heavily armed, and that the personnel involved have been put on high alert and briefed to use force upon the people as they see fit. It is to our understanding that this call out to your brothers in blue is being justified because of a personal threat directed to you, by way of an email, that you do not know who made the threat, and have no lead other than the email source.

It is this over reaction for your personal protection that we write to you in disgust. Why have you placed yourself higher than the Hammond’s and higher than the people of Harney County? Why will the brothers in blue waist no time, spare no expense, and leave no effort untouched for the protection and defense of each other, meanwhile, completely ignore the very people that they are charged to defend?  Why do the brothers in blue take the people’s money by force and purchase military equipment and arms in the name of protecting the people, only to use it on the people themselves?

The irony is too strong to ignore. The danger is too real. The Hammond’s have been unjustly charged as “terrorists”… they are ranchers. Their safety and well-being has been directly threatened by a federal agent in an open manner. They have been subject to double jeopardy. They have been sentenced to a cruel and unusual punishment. In an effort to put in duress, they have been required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. Their private water sources have been fenced off. They have been threatened with unauthorized force if they put to use hundreds of acres of their own private property. All of this has transpired right before your eyes and you lift not even a brow in their defense. You have never even been to the Hammond’s home or ranch to find the truth; you have yet to go where the fires occurred to understand the circumstances. You have exhausted minimal resources, if any at all, to get to the bottom of what is going on. And yet an email, which probably came from clear across the United States, from a half witted keyboard warrior, made an idle threat to you, and immediately the feds, the state and five county departments come unglued and tactically assemble in an unstable manner with weapons pointed at the people.

It is shameful that someone as powerful as you act the way you have. It is alarming that you make no effort to uphold the duties and obligation of your office. Almost your entire adult life, you have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. You have also been appointed to protect the lives, liberties and property of the people who live and come into Harney County. When we called upon you to provide that protection, you refused-and instead chose to seek more favor and power by collaborating with the violators, forgetting your duty to the people.

I offer awareness to you and other government personnel that lead or follow your example. The people are in unrest, because of these types of egregious actions. The establishment and purpose of government is to protect and uphold the inalienable rights of the PEOPLE, not to defend itself against the people. It is our duty and obligation as individuals to defend our God-given rights if our government representatives fail to do so, or tries to discard them. We as a people desire to live in peace and tranquility, but will defend our freedoms if necessary, in order to do so. We call upon you Sheriff Ward, and all civil servants, to honorably and effectively uphold the oaths and duties of your sworn offices-to turn your weapons in the defense of the Hammond’s rights and truly be a representative of the people, by the people and for the people.


Ammon Bundy

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