Media Lied Locals Supported Oregon Stand-off in Harney County

 What? The media lie? Tell me it ain’t so! lotflmao — jtl, 419
Local Residents Supported Oregon Stand Off

The more you look into the Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff, the more you scratch your head and wonder… “Did American’s support the stand-off against the federal government?”Another really important question is… “Did the federal government try to entrap the militia?”

According to a video from “Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom” it shows that American’s are tired of the federal government seizing land from the people. The video shows that the main stream media (aka government propaganda outlets) are lying about the Oregon stand-off.

Proof that Locals SUPPORT Oregon Standoff Militia Against BLM

“I’ll make this real short” Meryl Newut says, “and I’ve been here for 70-years – and Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond are the nicest people that ever walked the face of this earth.”

The entire gymnasium then bursts with applause.

“I branded cattle for them and they hold my cattle, and they’d do anything for me at the drop off a hat… They got a rotten deal.”

They are making a statement for us – to Wake Us Up

In order to demonize the American militia at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the federal government and government propaganda outlets had to infiltrate the American militia.

The reality is Michele Fiore, Assebly Woman of District 4, the county Fire Chief Chris Briels resigned after hearing that the FBI and Harney County Sherriffs were posing as militia members harrassing the American citizen residents in the area.

FBI and Harney County Sherriffs Caught Posing as Militia Harrassing Harney County Residents

It looks like the Federal Government is using the Harney County Oregon stand off as a precursor to label Constitutional law-abiding American Citizens as terrorists. The Federal Government is also using Pete Santilli as a warm-up case in order to crack down on journalists who report the truth (despite evidence showing Pete Santilli is a law-abiding American).

This all means the people of Harney County Oregon are all deemed terrorists according to the Federal Government. Do you understand what I just said?

The American militia who were standing up for American’s rights and the Constitution and anyone that favored the American militia as well as those that fed them, clothed them, REPORTED on them (Pete Santilli in this case) are all considered terrorists…

Where do you stand America?

Are law abiding citizens terrorists? Or is the Federal Government?

Watch “Proof that Locals SUPPORT Oregon Standoff Militia Against BLM
Watch “FBI Caught Posing as Oregon Militia – False Flag Alert

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