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Ranches for Sale

Land & Livestock International, Inc. Disclosure Statement: Neither Land & Livestock International, Inc. nor any of its officers or directors are real estate brokers or licensed appraisers. We are trained and experienced range managers and range-livestock economists. We do not … Continue reading

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Awesome Pete

I received this from my cyber friend, Montana Rancher and award winning novelist, John L Moore. It immediately impressed me as being something of interest to some of you guys. As John put it, it is a “sad and ironic … Continue reading

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Utah official: BLM ‘impotent’ to deal with wild horse problem

Across the West, the number of wild horses and burros that have been adopted over the past three years has remained stagnant, putting pressure on the agency to find places for these animals to go. The agency keeps nearly 47,000 … Continue reading

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Want your pastures to handle a drought year? Do things the ‘redneck’ way

A handy mnemonic for this ranching method is ‘grass’ — 
graze period, rest period, animal impact, and stock density This is a pretty good explanation of the “general” principles. Now you need to get yourself a pack of Holistic Management’s … Continue reading

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U.S. sidelined judge who ruled for key rancher against Feds, rejected same-sex marriage

 Hage said the 9th Circuit ruling “is a big disappointment, not just for my family but for the entire industry. They felt relief at the Jones decision. Ranchers’ rights had been upheld, but now it has all been overturned. It … Continue reading

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Why early New Mexico turned from cattle to sheep

via Richard Beals Blog The premier New Mexico historian Marc Simmons wrote recently in the Santa Fe New Mexican. The story of the beginnings of New Mexico’s livestock industry is preserved in long-buried Spanish documents, found scattered in the state’s rich archives. … Continue reading

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Taking grazing-management tips from Mother Nature

Gabe Brown says his success in cover  cropping has come through 
observing and mimicking nature’s processes North Dakota producer, Gabe Brown spoke on cover crops and soil health strategies at the Ducks Unlimited grazing club event in Lenore on April … Continue reading

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This Week at the Circle Ranch

Lots of good stuff here this week. In particular, I’d like to call your attention to the article on the bottom. Lowell Catlett is a friend, former colleague at NMSU and fellow Texian. I heard this talk at the NM … Continue reading

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Why we should be concerned about anti-ag propaganda shown in schools

The smell was awful, but, for me, the most unsavory part of this process is the one you rarely get to examine closely…And there`s the heart of it, demand for cheap meat.    So, from the general welfare perspective, what … Continue reading

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New Film Exposes Communist Roots of “Sustainability” Agenda

 “Human freedom is the problem and the only solution is to limit and control freedom,” explains the film’s narrator, radio host and former meteorologist Brian Sussman. “Through careful marketing techniques and propaganda designed for mass consumption the trusting public has … Continue reading

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