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Alarmist Prosecutor Demands E-mails from Climate Skeptics

The campaign of persecution, supported by Rockefeller-funded AstroTurf groups, was formally announced by Democrat New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman last week. “Financial damages alone may be insufficient,” he warned, suggesting prison time might be in order for climate heretics … Continue reading

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Expelling White Heterosexuals from the News Business

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 The media are once again going nuts over the fact that a state legislature has acted to protect Christians and their churches and businesses from the demands of various sexual minorities. The obvious fact that…

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Democrat Prosecutors Pursue Climate Skeptics

 The bizarre effort to intimidate scientists and criminalize skepticism of the government-backed anthropogenic (man-made) global-warming theory, known as AGW, has already drawn numerous comparisons with the Inquisition. This, in and of itself, should tell us something is dreadfully wrong with … Continue reading

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Settlement Reached in EPA Dispute Over Wyoming Stock Pond

via OMAHA (DTN) — A Wyoming family has gone from facing more than $20 million in fines for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act when they built a stock pond, to now having to plant trees and install … Continue reading

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Lawyer asks for Cliven Bundy’s release, calls him ‘political prisoner’

Hansen likened the armed Bunkerville standoff with law enforcement on April 12, 2014, to the Revolutionary War battles at Bunker Hill, Concord and Lexington between American patriots and the British. They have murdered one of ours but, other than that, … Continue reading

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This Week at the Circle

From the Circle Ranch Parks and Wildlife Begins Reducing Deer Population at Texas Mountain Ranch CWD and high-fenced deer go hand in hand. Chronic Wasting Disease was created in a government-funded, high-fenced experimental wildlife facility near Fort Collins, Colorado. They … Continue reading

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Wolf stalks woman walking dog

  By Betsy Trumpener, CBC News This ought to warm the hearts of the average run of the mill human hating radical environmentalist. — jtl, 419 Bonnie Rudderham said this wolf stalked and chased her while she was walking her dog … Continue reading

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The American Religion of Violence

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 Where did this very un-Christian “religion” of violence come from?  The answer to this question is that it first developed as a part of New England’s neo-Puritanical “Yankees” in the early and mid-nineteenth century.  It…

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Holistic Conservation

Funding bodies must not fund only the projects of  donors designed to implement conservation as their interests may conflict with beneficiaries in a strategy that over all can be beneficial to conservation as a whole The surest way to fail … Continue reading

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WRECK: Lieutenant Dan takes out Jorge Valdiviezo (PBR)

It is the second ride into the video. This is why they get paid the big bucks. Problem is that the bucks ain’t all that big–unless you are very, very, very special. — jtl         FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS ON … Continue reading

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