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Federal Court Strikes Down BLM Fracturing Rule

 What refreshing language to come from the pen of a federal judge. More than refreshing. It’s down right shocking. Common sense does prevail on very rare occasions. — jtl, 419 From the Washington Times via THE WESTERNER    In the … Continue reading

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How Federal Missteps Make the Case to Transfer Public Lands to States, Localities

A growing number of state organizations seek to remedy what they consider negligent policies and shoddy oversight of public land on the part of federal agencies…Under the umbrella name “Transfer of Public Lands,” the movement offers a solution to the … Continue reading

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Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind

Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind Source: Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind

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With Cliven Bundy In Jail, BLM Moves To Reassert Authority Over Disputed Land

 via THE WESTERNER The federal Bureau of Land Management has announced it plans to return to work, clean up and access the Gold Butte region near Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch for the first time since Bundy and his brigade led … Continue reading

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Archaeologists petition Obama for monument

“My gripe is more with the federal agency that would be entrusted with management,” Lyman said….Lyman was referring to the BLM, which is one of the agencies identified in the proposal to cooperatively manage the monument. Lyman has clashed with … Continue reading

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Arizona Rep. Grijalva targets extremism on public lands

Dozens of high-profile former federal employees sign a letter urging Congress to address Sagebrush Insurgency threats. I just wish they would hurry up and get ‘er started before I get too old to do anything but load magazines for my … Continue reading

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Cowboy lassos theft suspect in Walmart parking lot

Ou rah! Looks like great fun! – jtl            A Handbook for Ranch Managers.  In keeping with the “holistic” idea that the land, the livestock, the people and the money should be viewed as a single integrated whole: Part I … Continue reading

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Sheriff’s Association Protests BLM’s Management Plan for O & C Lands

Via the American Lands Council, this article originally appeared on The Oregon State Sheriffs Association (OSSA) along with numerous other organizations have reviewed the newest management plan released by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for 2.5 million acres of … Continue reading

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This new duet from Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson will take your breath away

If it doesn’t, you need to get your hearing checked. — jtl         Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View edited by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume Is now available in both PAPERBACK and Kindle Murray N. Rothbard was the … Continue reading

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  Farmers Put Down the Plow for More Productive Soil Holistic farming concepts are completely portable to rangeland management.  The goal of all ranch managers should be the increase of soil fertility.  From this, all else will follow. Article originally … Continue reading

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