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Wife of Slain Oregon Occupier Robert Lavoy Finicum to File Civil Rights Lawsuit

 The FBI and Oregon State Police “escalated the otherwise peaceful demonstration by pursuing Finicum despite his repeated instruction to them that he was on his way” to meet with the local sheriff, Claypool said. That’s Orwell speak for, they murdered … Continue reading

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Hillary-Putin Uranium Deal: How Long Will Media Ignore It?

… most Americans probably have never even heard about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Uranium One-Rosatom-Frank Giustra scandal, through the couple’s corruption-troubled Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s official dealings while serving as President Obama’s secretary of state… That is … Continue reading

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Gun Control Lessons for Morons

America’s most aggressive civil rights organization Source: Gun Control Lessons for Morons

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Massive Cover-up: BLM leases Hammond ranch land to Russia through Clinton Foundation donors for uranium

According to The New York Times: “Whether the donations [to the Clinton Foundation] played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is unknown. But the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by … Continue reading

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The South and the West–Targets for cultural destruction

Originally posted on revisedhistory:
by Al Benson Jr. Frequently in recent years I have commented on the fact that the cultural American South and the cultural American West have the very same Federal adversaries. Therefore it seems reasonable to me…

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National Park Service Turns 100, With Billions Needed for Repair Backlog

  Well, what do you expect? Government fails at everything it tries to do–a perfectly predictable outcome of socialism. They have no market prices or profits by which to judge success or failure. As Ludwig von Mises put it, they … Continue reading

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New research finds that global warming is intensifying wildfires

The federal agency, which manages 193m acres (78m hectares) of forest, will plead once again for more funding from Congress, in the wake of a devastating 2015 that saw record swaths of forest engulfed in flames. I’ve got a better … Continue reading

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BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville and the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch

       Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View edited by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume Is now available in both PAPERBACK and Kindle Murray N. Rothbard was the father of what some call Radical Libertarianism or Anarcho-Capitalism which Hans-Hermann Hoppe … Continue reading

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What the Oregon Standoff Is Really About

Forget the Bundys and “terrorism”—the real crime is what federal bullies do to ranchers like the Hammond family…This broke the back of the rancher resistance: most came to the FWS and gave their land away for a song. This is … Continue reading

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Make Babies, and Don’t Let the Greens Guilt Trip You about It

 I suppose that, in a way, I was lucky to have lived through the Paul Ehrlich – Back to the Earth – Limits to Growth days. I fell for it hook and line but not sinker – it always gave … Continue reading

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