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Here are some things that weren’t covered in the earlier article posted this morning:

Ammon Bundy testified Wednesday that he went through proper channels before leading an occupation of a national wildlife refuge, and that he wasn’t involved in a conspiracy when he arrived in Oregon. Prosecutors contend the conspiracy began two months before the occupation, when Bundy met an Oregon sheriff on Nov. 5 to discuss the plight of two ranchers heading to prison. Bundy said that was “absolutely not” true. Bundy said a sheriff protected his family during a 2014 standoff with federal agents at their Nevada ranch, and he figured Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward would do the same for ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond. But the discussion with Ward got no results, and neither did his efforts to contact elected officials. Much of Wednesday morning’s action happened outside the presence of the jury, with lawyers battling over what videos and testimony would be allowed in front of the panel. U.S. District Judge Anna Brown allowed only limited testimony of what Bundy said he was told by Dwight Hammond last fall, when the Hammond family distanced itself from Bundy. Hammond, according to Bundy, said he was warned that if did not stop talking to Bundy he would have to report to prison early and be placed in a less desirable facility. Hammond also was “worried about getting shot in the back of the head and the same thing happening to me,” Bundy said from the stand, in a rehearsal of what he would testify. The judge agreed with prosecutors that it was hearsay evidence and not allowable. The decision angered Bundy’s attorney, Marcus Mumford. “Mr. Mumford, please calm down and don’t yell at me,” the judge said…After the jury left for its lunch break, Bundy co-defendant Neil Wampler stood to applaud: “We all love you, Ammon. Thank you so much for what you’re doing.”…more


And this article had:

In the afternoon Wednesday, Bundy was asked by his lawyer to identify who was at the Jan. 2 meeting at Ye Old Castle restaurant in Burns, where Bundy proposed his plan to occupy the refuge. As Bundy listed his brother Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Jason Patrick, Jon Ritzheimer, Ryan Payne and others, he added “I hope I’m not making a list for the government’s next indictment.” His remark drew laughter in the courtroom. “This is serious,” Judge Brown told Bundy. “I know it’s serious,” Bundy replied. “I do apologize, your honor.” The judge told jurors to disregard their exchange…Nevada lawmaker Michele Fiore testified briefly for the defense Wednesday afternoon. She started, as all witnesses are asked to do, by spelling out her full name. When she got to her last name, she said, “F as in flower,” before continuing on with each letter. She repeatedly attempted to offer testimony that during a meeting that members of the Coalition of Western States, or COWS, had in Oregon with Harney County, state and FBI representatives on Jan. 9, that it was verified that the refuge occupiers hadn’t broken any Oregon state laws. Prosecutor Knight objected multiple times to Fiore’s characterization. The judge turned to the witness. “Excuse me, Ms. Fiore,” the judge said. “Stop making statements about the law.” If anyone questioned where Fiore stood in this case, she made it clear when she answered Mumford’s question about how long she intended to be at the refuge on Feb. 11, the day the last four holdouts surrendered, ending the 41-day occupation. “As long as it took the Bearcat to get our fabulous four out,” she said. As Fiore left the witness stand, she waved to jurors and mouthed, “Thank you.”

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