At a UN conference in Bonn, Germany a representative of the island state of Tonga approached CFACT’s delegation.  “You are Americans,” he said, “when are you going to send us the money?”

As we have been saying since Day 1, Agenda 21 et al is nothing but a not so veiled world wide redistribution of wealth–right out of our pockets and into theirs. — jtl, 419

by Craig Rucker at CFACT

The COP of CASH Friend,

They are calling COP22, the UN climate conference in Morocco, “the COP of action.”

By “action” they mean cash.

At a UN conference in Bonn, Germany a representative of the island state of Tonga approached CFACT’s delegation.  “You are Americans,” he said, “when are you going to send us the money?”

The prospect of cold hard cash, mainly from the U.S. and Europe,  is what kept the developing nations on board to vote in favor of the Paris agreement last year.  It is also the reason multi-national corporations showed up at this year’s COP in droves.

With the Paris agreement in force, much of the focus of this year’s summit is on increasing and accelerating the redistribution of cash.

Back on the table is the concept of “loss and damage.”  This week a major focus of the COP is on redefining the “WIM” or Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damge which in effect means wealthy nations compensating poorer nations for their weather-related losses. The developed world has tried to limit its liability by concentrating on management of future risk.  The developing nations want direct compensation whenever natural disaster strikes for now and forever.  The UN is huddled over this issue as I write.

The Obama Administration is anxious to get the flow of cash from the U.S. to the UN rolling.

Outgoing President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry both have vowed to accomplish whatever they can under the Paris agreement before Donald Trump takes office.  Last March President Obama raided the treasury to transfer $500 million to the UN Green Climate Fund without congressional authorization.  He took the funds from an account designated to combat international diseases including the Zika virus.  Congress and the Trump transition team had best watch out for an 11th hour transfer to the UN as the Obama Administration is on its way out the door.

Once again the potential spoiler for the would-be carbon carpetbaggers of the world is the

election of Donald Trump.

Yesterday Marc Morano gave a press interview on the meaning of a Trump victory before a life-sized poster of the President-elect.  He was amazed at the level of interest.  As soon as he put up the poster and began his interview COP attendees swarmed around to hear more.  A global warming campaigner made a beeline to UN security and loudly said, “you’ve got to put a stop to this.”  The guard got her bosses, they turned Trump’s picture around and prevented Marc from finishing his remarks.

It was pretty clear that at the UN climate summit even a picture of Donald Trump is greeted with fear and denial.

The catchphrase for the delegates to COP 22 should be “show me the money!”

They are gradually learning that the incoming President’s catchphrase is “you’re fired!”

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

P.S. CFACT is having a meaningful impact at the UN climate summit in Marrakesh.  We are proud to be your eyes, ears and voice.  Your support makes our work possible.  If you’ve not yet had a chance to chip in, please make your gift right now.  Thank you.

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