Don’t mess with Texas guns: Bill would nullify federal gun bans

Liberals are freaking out.

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by D.E. via Self-Reliance Central

Source: Donny Ferguson, with permission
Source: Donny Ferguson, with permission

A bill prefiled by Texas State Rep. Matt Krause would make it illegal for state or local law enforcement officers to enforce federal gun bans that contradict state law.

In other words, don’t mess with Texas. If a gun is legal in the Lone Star State, the feds can’t touch it.

Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual  Since the federal government largely relies on state and local law enforcement to execute federal gun bans, if passed the bill would nullify unconstitutional gun laws.

The bill, H.B. 110, reads, in part:

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View  An agency of this state or a political subdivision of this state, and a law enforcement officer or other person employed by an agency of this state or a political subdivision of this state, may not contract with or in any other manner provide assistance to a federal agency or official with respect to the Combat Shooter's Handbook enforcement of a federal statute, order, rule, or regulation purporting to regulate a firearm, a firearm accessory, or firearm ammunition if the statute, order, rule, or regulation imposes a prohibition, restriction, or other regulation, such as a capacity or size limitation or a registration requirement, that does not exist under the laws of this state.

Reconnaissance Marine MCI 03.32f: Marine Corps Institute The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsLiberals are freaking out.

“Federal law enforcement is stretched too thin to stop them” and such laws “could have effects beyond a simple symbolic statement,” the Huffington Post huffed in 2015 when reporting on state efforts nullify federal gun bans.

The Essence of Liberty: Volume I: Liberty and History: The Rise and Fall of the Noble Experiment with Constitutionally Limited Government (Liberty and ... Limited Government) (Volume 1)  The Essence of Liberty: Volume II: The Economics of Liberty (Volume 2) The Essence of Liberty: Volume III: A Universal Philosophy of Political Economy (Liberty: A Universal Political Ethic) (Volume 3)  Krause has called his bill “The Come And Take It Act,” referring to a 1835 incident in which Mexican soldiers, fearing a revolt, demanded the settlers of Gonzales, Texas, return to the government a cannon loaned to them as defense against Indian raiders. Flying a banner reading “Come And Take It,” the Texans used the cannon to fire on the attempted confisactors.


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