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By John L More with illustrations by Justin Wells via America’s Horse. Follow This Link to the PDF File Land and Livestock International, Inc. is in a position to assist the buyer in purchasing ranches like these anywhere in the … Continue reading

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Another Ron Paul Victory

In Blow to Federal Reserve, Arizona Just Legalized Gold and Silver as Currency. Source: Another Ron Paul Victory

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Open Letter to Secretary Zinke regarding the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

In the greater scope of your monument review process, my letter may not materially impact readership, but I live face-to-face with this monument. The designation of the OMDPNM impacts my life every day and I have come to feel helpless … Continue reading

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Ending Obama EPA’s ban on Alaska’s Pebble Mine is right for American energy

Solutions are in the pipeline. The president has launched an ambitious new approach to resources and Congress isn’t far behind. Those of us who have the roots of one tree firmly planted in the Old South and another in the … Continue reading

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An Abuse of the Antiquities Act

Grazing in this part of the country has been an economic and cultural phenomenon since the era of settlement that followed Spanish exploration of the region. And sadly, thanks to the Cultural Marxists, that culture and heritage is not long … Continue reading

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Science Unsettled: Why Trump Should Dump The Paris Climate Deal

We keep hearing the “science is settled,” yet once again data emerge showing that there has been no appreciable warming now for 19 years. Memo to global warming advocates: People are starting to notice. Whoever it was that coined the … Continue reading

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Love the horses but let them starve

…worldwide, 4.7 million horses are slaughtered each year (not all from United States) and exported to countries where horse meat is a gourmet food and brings more than twice as much money as beef. Even here in the uSSA where … Continue reading

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Hated by Our Enemy, the Deep State

Source: Hated by Our Enemy, the Deep State It is so damned silly it is down right sickening. — jtl, 419

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Judge rejects Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s attempt to jump-start trial

Robert Anglen , The Republic | Bundy Ranch trial: Carol Bundy speaks Carol Bundy, in an interview with The Republic, said her husband, sons and others are really being tried for making federal authorities look bad and forcing them … Continue reading

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Musings on how much cattle eat and drink

Charlie Gracey looks at grain and water usage in cattle A full 1/3 of the earth’s surface land area is classified as arid or semi-arid. A workable definition of “rage land” is land for which the highest and best economic … Continue reading

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