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How an Undercover FBI Agent Ended Up in Jail After Pretending to Be a Journalist

 For nearly a year, as a part of the FBI’s investigation of the armed standoff between a Nevada rancher named Cliven Bundy and Bureau of Land Management agents in 2014, Johnson pretended to be a documentary filmmaker. At one point, … Continue reading

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Closer look by NAU finds mixed results for intensive grazing

One of Savory’s points was that the intensive grazing helps the soil store carbon, which would help reverse climate change. But when Johnson and NAU research specialist Aradhana Roberts looked through the scientific literature, they couldn’t find consistent support for … Continue reading

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Zinke is promoting true conservation at Department of Interior

Conservation is seen as the proper use of nature, while preservation aims to protect nature from any use. Yeah, they are saving it for future generations of park rangers. Did you ever closely examine that phrase “saving resources for future … Continue reading

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Obama kicks off first foreign speech with an astonishingly false statement on global warming

But is global warming already hurting agriculture? There’s not a lot of evidence for that claim. Hardly any. jtl, 419 by Michael Bastasch, via CFACT Former President Barack Obama told those gathered at an agricultural conference that man-made global warming … Continue reading

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Mr. President, Tear up this treaty

It is equally obvious that virtually all developing nations signed the Paris treaty solely to share in hundreds of billions of dollars in expected (and demanded) “climate change adaptation, mitigation and reparation” money – and because they are not obligated … Continue reading

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Zinke questions using monument status to save sacred land

 Where I come from any country that claims “ownership” of over 60% of the land in 11 of its states is a definition for “communism.” — jtl, 419 Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, right, talks with two men on horses Monday, … Continue reading

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Get Off My Fracking Land ! – OK, One more time.

Despite courts telling her that she couldn’t come onto private property to host her fracking protest, Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson obviously thought she was above the law given her celebrity status. Defiantly entering a local farm along with her sister … Continue reading

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When a Farmer Punches Back at the Feds

Duarte heard no more from the Corps as spring approached, but several months of silence were merely a prelude as the regulatory machine warmed. In late February, certified mail from the Corps arrived … the gravity of his alleged offense … Continue reading

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