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The 3 Secrets For Increasing Profit™

There is a common belief that profit is a function of weather and prices PERIOD. But weather and prices are, for the most part, beyond our control. If we believe that profit is determined by things beyond our control, it … Continue reading

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Livestock Producers Applaud Withdrawal of WOTUS Rule

via Arizona Cattle Growers Association WASHINGTON (June 27, 2017) – National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Craig Uden and Public Lands Council President Dave Eliason today issued the following statements regarding the announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency has filed an … Continue reading

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Amazon positioned to disrupt retail food sector

Amazon’s pending purchase of Whole Foods promises to put a whole new spin on how urban consumers shop for food. Competition is the main reason capitalism works while socialists starve. — jtl, 419 by Wes Ishmael  via Beef Magazine Amazon’s … Continue reading

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More rational policies in our future?

Trump’s Paris decision challenges bad science, economics, and energy politics behind treaty     It’s about time somebody did. — jtl, 419   In the wake of President Trump’s exit from the Paris climate treaty, reactions from other quarters were … Continue reading

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A Toxic Environment for Trump’s Policies at EPA

Grifo came to the agency from the far-left Union of Concerned Scientists, so you can imagine why she was selected. You can also imagine what her job boils down to now that Donald Trump is president: thwarting his agenda as … Continue reading

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The Best Use for the Washington Post

Bird cage liner. — jtl, 419 Source: The Best Use for the Washington Post

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EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Brass Says Comey Struck Insider Immunity Deal With Mueller To Avoid Criminal Charges

Anybody want to make any book on whether or not Comey and Muller will conspire with the Clinton’s to steer the investigation away from them? The corruption is a bottomless pit. — jtl,419 Source: EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Brass Says Comey Struck … Continue reading

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Are We Nearing Civil War?

He should campaign against the real enemies of America First by promising to purge the deep state and flog its media collaborators….Time to burn down the Bastille. It’s really going go piss me off if they wait to start the … Continue reading

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The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy

Source: The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy

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The Imperial City Unhinged

Source: The Imperial City Unhinged

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