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Will Cliven Bundy Represent Himself

Nevada cattleman and state’s rights figure Cliven Bundy is due before a federal magistrate judge to say whether he intends to represent himself during his upcoming trial stemming from a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents. The Wednesday hearing comes … Continue reading

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Ranches for Free: Birdwell Creek – Planned Grazing

Watching the behavior of 4,000 – 5,000 head of cattle move peacefully from one paddock to another never gets old. It is fascinating. Indeed it is. — jtl, 419   Chris Gill via Circle Ranch Here is a Texas example … Continue reading

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How ranchers say Trump’s wall would change the border

Here is a pretty good, albeit brief, history of ranching on the border. As always, the problem is government created. Back in the 70s we had a great working relationship with the Border Patrol. We would run into them in … Continue reading

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National Monuments: Trump & Interior Secretary Clash Over Federal Lands

The president should ignore Ryan Zinke’s recommendations and revoke illegally designated or expanded national monuments. So has Zinke became a part of the Swamp? — jtl, 419   by William Perry Pendley at National Review Like a rookie agent in … Continue reading

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Forced to Farm? California Lawsuit Raises Question

Straight out of the playbook of the Third World Banana Republic. I don’t know how it is now, but some years back, if you owned a farm in Honduras and did not farm it, they would take it away from … Continue reading

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Don’t let fake narrative block Monuments review

A skewed conception of monuments has developed. The Antiquities Act was intended to protect things like archaeological sites and geological formations. It was never intended to encompass vast swathes of land.   Yep, just another FedGov land grab driven by … Continue reading

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Border ranchers, in a world without a wall

  Land of Shadows Sometimes, the border ranchers hear the horses whinny and see shadows moving silently past the barn. Or they ride over a ridge and stumble into cartel “drug mules” carrying pot stuffed in backpacks. After more than a decade … Continue reading

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Chihuahuas and Keyline

by Chris Gill  at The Circle Ranch “Chichuahuas and Keyline” explains Chocolate the Keyline Dog’s take on contour subsoil plowing.        FOLLOW FLYOVER PRESS ON FACEBOOK Check out our WebSite Check out our e-Store Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: … Continue reading

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What is land for?

From: Canadian Cattlemen Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp Photo: Canada Beef Inc. It started as a potential narrative for agricultural peril with the question: “What is land for?” That got my attention and I was fostering the dismal … Continue reading

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Brazilian Authorities Arrest JBS CEO Batista for Insider Trading

In a free society, there would be no such thing as laws against so-called insider trading. If you don’t believe or understand that, go to and in the little box in the upper right corner of the page, search … Continue reading

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