Week 1: ‘Battle of Bunkerville’ trial of Bundys begins in Las Vegas

 “The only thing (Bundy) wanted to do was raise cattle, just like his grandfather did, and his dad did,”

We Texians should be thankful for having been born and raised in Texas where we don’t have to put up with the FedGov’s nonsense. — jtl, 419


Ryan Bundy leaves federal court with his wife Angela on Tuesday. (Photo: John Locher/Associated Press)

Prosecutors called their first witness Wednesday – Mary Jo Rugwell – a district manager for BLM in southern Nevada from April 2008 through August 2012. She said her staff briefed her during that period about Bundy’s “continuous trespass.”

Rugwell talked about the years-long land dispute, and her efforts to resolve it. She said Bundy ignored repeated notices, prompting the government to file a lawsuit in 1998, which garnered a court order calling on Bundy to remove his cattle. The government didn’t enforce the order for more than a decade, but Bundy remained defiant in those years.

Rugwell said a federal officer put a notice on Cliven Bundy’s dashboard at one point, but he threw it on the ground and one of his sons tore it up. In December 2011, Rugwell decided to impound the rancher’s cattle.

“Nothing else that I tried worked,” she said.

The four men face 15 criminal charges stemming from the standoff. The trial is expected to last through February.



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