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Cliven Bundy walks free as federal judge dismisses Bundy Ranch standoff case

“The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated,” Navarro said. “The government conduct in this case was, indeed, outrageous.” In the meantime, the man endured 700 days as a political prisoner–the same kind of thing you … Continue reading

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Will Trump put a ‘hired gun’ for ranchers in top BLM post?

 The president is considering a BLM director who has continually fought the agency. This, from a known to be Marxist publication, reveals what the Chipmunk Chasers, Dickey Bird Watchers and other enemies of private property rights think of one of … Continue reading

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A winning recipe for pig farming: Starting with next to nothing

 “Because we don’t have high production costs, the system isn’t dependant on large scale financing. Land ownership is thus not a prerequisite for success. It’s all about land management, not land ownership says Sally. The risks for small-scale farmers is … Continue reading

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