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Farmer’s decades-old wetlands nightmare continues in PA

As Brace’s attorney, Lawrence Kogan, points out, federal action against the farmer resulted in a “taking” of his property for a public use – preservation/restoration of wetlands as “waters of the United States” – without just compensation, as required by … Continue reading

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Wild Texas

I’ve been told that Australia is the only place a Texan can go and NOT get homesick. I don’t believe that for a minute. There is no such place anywhere on this earth. (Click on the URL below) — jtl, … Continue reading

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The Trump Presidency

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Who’s Bolton?… He’s one of the key architects of the Iraq war, who previously admitted that the Iraq war was about oil, not protecting the United States from weapons of mass destruction. Yep, there ain’t a dime’s worth…

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World Finally Notices Plight of South Africa’s Minority Farmers

…the fact that the plight of Afrikaners is now in the world media suggests the issue is coming to a head. Americans, as the closest cousins in the world to embattled Afrikaners, must pay attention. Plus, the fate of the … Continue reading

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Turning a Dangerous Arroyo Into a Flood Irrigation Resource in the Deserts of Far-West Texas

OK, so now I want you guys to go out and tell your “back to the earth hippy” friends all about how we abuse our livestock and destroy our land in the process. That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t … Continue reading

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Ranchers: The Bulls have It

“He’ll run right over you or anything else that is in his way.” … The power can be spectacular. Several years ago, we penned a bull “on the hook” in our Monterrey corral only to see him leave with fence … Continue reading

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The Grim Lessons of Charles Whitman

The era of mass public shootings began with Charles Whitman in 1966.  He taught us all we need to know to prevent or minimize such events.  We ignored his lessons. I had a friend that was in Viet Nam (with 1st Marine … Continue reading

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Tillerson’s exit signals rise of global warming skeptics

“Tillerson was a supporter of it at Exxon Mobil and during his confirmation hearings. On this issue, Pompeo is definitely an upgrade” Only someone who is bamboozled by “junk science” could possibly be a supporter of anthropological climate change. — … Continue reading

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Capturing a West Texas Winter Wonderland

Do you guys (former) students remember the field trip we took to the Circle when it was 40 below zero? (How could you forget? lol) Remember taking old Chris’ picture when he was standing on ice out in the middle … Continue reading

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Farewell, old Friend

The passage of time is hard enough without inventing some other imposition!… We are ruled by much more nonsense than substance and we act like it is normal and customary. It is not and it is a good time to … Continue reading

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