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U.S. Citizens Fund UN Arms Trade Treaty Which Impacts U.S. Gun Ownership

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A cautionary word to Millennials…If you haven’t studied history, nor taken the time to read the factual aspects of what happened to other countries where communism/socialism was forced upon them, you are in the dark…

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The “Spontaneous” Anti-Gun Movement

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Anyone who has followed the outbreak of “spontaneous” popular movements in the past four decades and done a little homework has to realize that such popular movements, all lack one basic ingredient–spontaneity. They didn’t just…

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Special Cowboy Moments Ep146: History of Miles City

From my old Cyber Buddy, John L Moore: Follow the link to see John and watch the first Miles City SCM RFDTV episode to debut on May 2nd. If you don’t feel compelled to watch the video all the way … Continue reading

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Calling environmentalists an “enemy to humans,” Bundy Ranch son speaks in Modesto

And he is absolutely right! Radical environmentalism is just another segment of (front for) the Culture War. It is one of the credentials of the average libtard who wants us all to “live happily ever after” in the Giant Global … Continue reading

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Gavin Seim in a Fine Way to be Exiled

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From Gavin Seim exiled in Mexico I shake my head when people from the USA tell me how dangerous Mexico is. There’s nothing more dangerous than a fascist State and those who tolerate it. Today’s video shows just…

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The Last Cowboy at Pine Creek Ranch

Watch this video and see for yourself the sad and frightening saga of the destruction of the old west – and the American dream.   Yes, sad and frightening but, for me, most of all it is infuriating. — jtl, … Continue reading

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The “Living” Constitution Is in Serious Condition

But now we have descended to the next level of government intrusion. Now we have reached, “Don’t say anything, even to your lawyer.” At any time, federal agents can raid his office, his home, his hotel room, and his safety … Continue reading

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The Elder Sibling Is Watching You

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These people are gathering intelligence on all Americans of all ages that use social media. They want to make sure they have the goods on any and all Americans who might, someday, become “persons of…

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Perspectives: Bundy Ranch, 4 years later

The Bureau of Land Management had been at odds with Bundy since 1993 when he refused to go along with their attempts to convert the grazing and water rights he owned into rented privileges for which he must pay their … Continue reading

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Democracy: The God That Failed

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The problem… is that democratic leaders do not own the machinery of government. It is theirs on temporary loan…. (And) because a leader under democracy does not own the government apparatus… he has no incentive…

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