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New Heritage Foundation report highlights failures of Endangered Species Act

The meticulously researched Heritage report provides an overview of the sham that is the ESA. Bureaucrats at the FWS can spend a lucrative 30-year career overseeing the “recovery” of a grand total of two species while imposing land-use restrictions throughout … Continue reading

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The Crumbling Deep State Facade

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You wonder, if Comrade Obama knew about all this (and I think he did) is it an impeachable offense? The head of Judicial Watch seems to think that  is a possibility. Would that be poetic…

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She rode over the grasslands with her rifle always handy, and during a feud with a neighbor shot the horn off his saddle while he was sitting on it. Those who knew her said she wouldn’t have missed if she … Continue reading

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“Evil” GE foods and “eco-friendly” organics

Misrepresentations by radical greens promote myths of GE dangers and organic benefits   I’d say that the free market (if left alone to do its job) would (will?) eventually solve the debate. Meantime, I have no objection to producing a … Continue reading

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Another Golden Opportunity For Hogg(wash) In Texas?

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…the shootings will continue until the general public has gotten the “correct” attitude on the Second Amendment (total gun confiscation) because that is  what these shootings are really all about—a bloody prelude to grabbing the…

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I have often wondered—how many of us today would have the  courage to cross Travis’ line in the dirt, knowing if we did, we were not going to get out alive. In this age of rampant political correctness (cultural Marxism) … Continue reading

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Parkland Resource Officer Who Stood By During Mass Shooting Collects FAT Surprise [Video]

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Pollack also tweeted about Peterson’s pension: “The coward of broward, Scot Peterson is getting over $8k a month pension! He hid while my daughter and 16 others were slaughtered!…” Yep, old Peterson is one of…

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To Grow Their Movement, Bundys Pledge To Do ‘Whatever It Takes’

All of these efforts clearly show the Bundys are not going to go away just because their court case is resolved. They are actively searching for their next big protest — their next standoff if it comes to that — … Continue reading

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The Truth Is a Problem for Dems

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Kanye West is not saying anything different from what Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Jason Riley, I and other black libertarians/conservatives have been saying for decades. In fact, West has tweeted quotations from Sowell, such…

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Ranchers Sour On Trump Administration Over Proposal To Bring Back Grizzly Bears

Rancher Craig Verasjka enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump and his support for the president’s interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, had been unwavering… That honeymoon appeared to end abruptly this Spring, however, when Secretary Zinke paid a surprise visit to North Cascades … Continue reading

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