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Song for Today: Ray Price – Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me

“You don’t love me but you won’t let me be. Don’t you ever get tired of hurting me.”  To the Yankees. They call us names (deplorables), make light of the way we talk, our music and our food. They believe … Continue reading

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The Totalitarian Pipe Dream

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One source of information about the real watermelon agenda is the Green Party Platform, much of which sounds identical to the rhetoric on the Web site of Democratic Socialists of America, which itself is increasingly…

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Will Idaho case lead to reining in of unaccountable federal agencies?

This will be a major step forward in the fight to hold agencies accountable to Congress and to the American people. Glory be. It is high time that the 4th branch be brought to heel. — jtl, 419 By Kaycee … Continue reading

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Song for Today: Doug Stone “Fourteen Minutes Old”

Today, December 7, is the date that FDR murdered almost 2,500 American soldiers, sailors, Marines and innocent civilians at Pearl Harbor. I don’t celebrate mass murderers, not even for 14 minutes. — jtl, 419   “Owning a handgun doesn’t make … Continue reading

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To a Nation of Snowflakes

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You can’t sanitize reality. You can’t scrub out of existence every unpleasant thought or idea. You can’t legislate tolerance. You can’t create enough safe spaces to avoid the ugliness that lurks in the hearts of…

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New Research: Methane Emissions From Livestock Have No Detectable Effect On The Climate

Just think of all the resources (time and money) that have been wasted on this silly argument over the obvious. But oh well, that is the way it goes–first your money, then your clothes–when the pimps are running the show. … Continue reading

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Song for Today: That Summer-Garth Brooks

A great song. But…just think about what would happen if the genders were reversed (in light of the currently existing double standard). Thank you sweet Mae, where ever you may be. — jtl, 419 Sometimes people do the wrong things … Continue reading

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Senator Hirono: Democrats Struggle To Relate To Voters Due To ‘How Smart We Are’

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How smart they are? lotflmfao. Being on the tax and spend team, that stupid bitch is so dumb she can’t figure out that government does not have anything to give to anybody that it hasn’t…

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There’s no justice in America’s justice system

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The answer lies in the huge volume of federal and state criminal laws which are broad and impossibly vague… If you think it’s only the criminals getting caught up in felony entrapment, think again… Tens…

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The World Wildlife Fund has succeeded in taking over the American Cattle Industry!

How in the world did this powerful anti-beef, anti-free enterprise, UN monster get control of our beef industry? The short answer is that a vast majority of the beef producers in the nation, as represented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef … Continue reading

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