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Chris Cox Is Leaving The National Rifle Association

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Chris Cox, the National Rifle Association’s chief lobbyist for 17 years, resigned from his post Tuesday amid allegations of wrongdoing made against him by the gun-rights group. Damn, all we need now is for the…

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A Navy Veteran Went to Prison for Digging Ponds in the Mountains

by Ethan Blevins via Chris Gill at Pitchstone Waters “Range practices we take for granted in Texas can land you in prison out West. Notwithstanding the many fine things accomplished by EPA, actions like these really hurt public attitudes about … Continue reading

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Song for Today: Brooks And Dunn Neon Moon

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. (Protecting Liberty through Private Firearms Ownership)   “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” – Jeff Cooper Call for a pizza, a cop, and an … Continue reading

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How environmental analysis inadvertently drains the Forest Service budget

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With such an outdated process, it typically takes the agency over three years to complete an environmental impact statement and over two years to complete an environmental assessment. And then nobody ever reads them. I…

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Branding and Stock Handling Techniques of the Great Basin and Old California Traditions – by my friends David and Gwynn Turnball Weaver

Great video courtesy of Richard Beal’s Blog.        FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL, INC. ON FACEBOOK Check out our WebSite Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual. This is the ideal squeal to A Handbook for Ranch Managers.  Although the ecological … Continue reading

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Song for Today: He Stopped Loving Her Today: George Jones (1962)

The philosophy of the author (as well as the publisher) is that ranch management should be approached from the view that the land, the livestock, the people and the money are one—a single integrated whole. But once that is understood … Continue reading

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‘Just Kill Him, Brother’: A Widow’s Harrowing Story Of South African ‘Farm Attacks’ The Media Dismisses

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While the South African government denies the problem, and news sites such as BBC and The Washington Post raced to debunk farm attacks after President Donald Trump tweeted about it in August 2018, attacks appear…

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The Children and the Chasm

Happy Birthday Jarheads. This was first written in 1995. Since then it has became a personal tradition for me to republish it along about this time every year as a reminder of the things we have done and places we … Continue reading

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Song for Today: HONEY (Lyrics) – BOBBY GOLDSBORO

A real tear jerker if there ever was one. — jtl, 419 Buyer Assistance: Land and Livestock International, Inc. is in a position to assist the buyer in purchasing ranches anywhere in the Western United States and Northern Mexico. Pre … Continue reading

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Communism Can’t Happen In America, Or Can It?

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A revolution needs foot soldiers.  The Communists are great at organizing. Their chief Obama has put the wheels in motion. Will you organize truth warriors in your communities?  Will you call out the social media…

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