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Don’t Get Shot by the Police During Active Shooter Engagement

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by Gabe Suarez at Suarez International It is a timing issue of course. Continuing on the discussion of how to not get shot by police. I was pointed in by neighboring agencies at least a…

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Deciphering code words and control phrases

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Few people are aware that change agents exist. They work behind the scenes to craft words and phrases that distort our language and disrupt our thought processes. They make good seem evil and evil seem…

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Privatizing Public Lands Doesn’t Mean Turning Them Into Shopping Centers

But what if these lands were somehow removed from federal control. What exactly would happen?… It is often assumed that public lands would be immediately strip mined or turned into housing developments… The economic realities, however, suggest otherwise. It is … Continue reading

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National Day of the Cowboy

Back in my miss-spent youth, I wrangled dudes one summer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I thought seriously about roping a young bear but never got up the courage to try it. However, we did have a lot of fun chasing … Continue reading

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Song for Today: Gene Watson – Nothing Sure Looked Good On You “LIVE”

Buyer Assistance: Land and Livestock International, Inc. is in a position to assist the buyer in purchasing ranches anywhere in the Western United States and Northern Mexico. Pre – purchase services include help with due diligence, estimates of carrying capacity … Continue reading

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Baltimore Residents Agree With Trump… Cummings Does Nothing for Them

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   Those who would deny that man evolved from an “ape like creature” have never looked closely at Elijah Cummings. — jtl, 419 by Steven Ahle at Steadfast and Loyal The residents of Baltimore all have…

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American Beef Industry, World Wildlife Fund And The Green New Deal

When they talk about “to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability of the U.S. beef value chain”, they are blowing smoke. Many, if not most, of today’s ranchers have been on their land for several generations. They know … Continue reading

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Song for Today: Cal Smith – Country Bumpkin

It’s all about the story, The Rhythm of Life. — jtl, 419   The philosophy of the author (as well as the publisher) is that ranch management should be approached from the view that the land, the livestock, the people … Continue reading

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An Evening With Lew Rockwell

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Source: An Evening With Lew Rockwell

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Haflinger Foal

This dude thinks he’s hot stuff. Too much fun. — jtl, 4189        FOLLOW LAND AND LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL, INC. ON FACEBOOK Check out our WebSite Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Reference Manual. This is the ideal squeal to A Handbook … Continue reading

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