Lessons from the Gulag


Lessons from the Gulag. How to prepare yourself for the next set of progressive Marxist improvements in America.

Well, America is in a process of change. And it is happening, though it is not being reported. Both the alt-Left and the alt-Right are silent on what is actually going on. The American people are being kept ignorant. But you can rest assured that changes are in process. Pieces are moving into place, and not a peep is being reported to anyone.

Things are occurring.

They are not being reported.

Do not be under the impression that it’s all part of [1] the COVID-19 vaccination issue, [2] the round-up of the participants in the White House Riots, or [3] the moves towards diversity, reparations, or [4] any such quasi-political posturing. Those are nice distractions that the “news” likes to take issue about.

Nothing is being reported. Secrets and orders are being carried out in isolation, by trusted operatives, and done in absolute secrecy. You can guarantee that.

Instead, other things are being “reported” in the American “news”. It’s just one distraction after the other. Hey! How’s all that 5G “brain damage” working out, or those dangerous giant zombie killer hornets (from China)? How has the “news” about this improved our life?

The dangerous giant zombie killer hornets (from China).
Watch out for the dangerous giant zombie killer hornets (from China – don’t you know!).

…The New Chinese Year of the Bull starts this evening.

And all of China is subdued.

Part of it is because after last year (2020) most people are cautiously guarded. (Which I think is pretty much the same all over the world). But also because of the risk of war (from the United States and the Quad). The USA, even though Biden is President, is still sending military weapons, equipment and a presence to sit off the coast of China and threaten. And that is what it is. Don’t you know.

They sit there and threaten.

Not for “democracy”.

But to appease the wealthy oligarchy cluster (inside the American military Empire) that Biden will not stop the anti-China narrative. You know, a target; a scapegoat, a “evil” must be identified so that the military war machine can gear into action!


But really the silence is deafening. Why? Well, for the first time in all of Chinese history, fireworks have been banned. Which makes a very quiet holiday, I’ll tell you what.

We put up our yearly door decorations, and bought some food for the holiday. We’ve got a lot of booze, fine delicious food, and plenty of snacks. But, unlike other years, this year we won’t be off going to a ton load of parties.


Door decorations.
MM’s yearly door decorations are up for the new year.


There’s a heightened sense of awareness regarding biological weapons (after what happened last year) has got the inspectors running overtime. They are on a ruthless search and destroy mission to catch the (still officially unnamed) COVID-20 and COVID-21 bio-weapons. The ones released in the fall of last year by a very vindictive President Trump. And the Chinese government has taken action in Beijing and Hong Kong regarding the strange appearances of these bio-weapons.

The virus kit now has throat testing for COVID-19 and anal swabs for COVID-20 and COVID-21. Which is making it rather uncomfortable and unpleasant. But (after all) no one really wants to die by vomiting or diarrhea. So you take the exam lying down. Well, actually, on your side. And you allow the masked and garbed medical professional to shove a long cotton swab in your anus and swirl it around about ten times. They do this twice, you know.

Any ways, it’s really making this CNY feel awfully strange and odd.

Just a reminder.

COVID-20 Unusually huge sized virus. Swine-based. Human-transmission. Lethal. Causes death by vomiting. Discovered in a Beijing "wet market" within weeks of the Huge Trump-led US Navy Armada sailing home without a military confrontation. When the PLA discovered the virus, President Trump went into a three day "retreat" causing the USA military to go DEFCON ONE. The cover story was that he had the Coronavirus. 

COVID-21 Unusually huge sized virus. Tick-based. Human-transmission. Lethal. Causes death by diarrhea. Discovered in Beijing in October right before the US Presidential Election.

The military are out.

Not as a show of force or intimidation. Not for “riots” or any such nonsense, but because China is back at DEFCON ONE. And you can see the military manning their stations. Here’s a picture at the local mall about a fifteen minute walk from my house.

Nothing of concern, mind you. They are just manning their stations.

Chinese military in staged locations.
The Chinese military are all at DEFCON ONE. To translate to the Alt-Right in the audience; “The ChiCom PLA is in full force oppressing the people again.”

.Usually, it’s a time of “the great migration”, or when everyone goes back home for a month long orgy of eating, drinking, and drinking, and drinking and more eating.

Not this year though.

Everyone is asked to stay home. The local villages have gone door to door asking everyone to tell their relatives to stay put. And bigger cities, like mine, is giving people money to spend at the stores and restaurants to help with the unexpected deviance from tradition.

Now, people ARE having parties, dinners and going out. Just not in their home-towns, and in much smaller and subdued groups.

CNY food and drink.
Chinese New Year is when you go out and drink, and drink, and socialize and eat and eat and eat.


And while all this is going on…

… a very quiet time on the Chinese home-front.

The Chinese military are conducting joint Naval and missile test runs with the Russians and the Iranians. These latest exercises are much bigger and more involved than the earlier ones. And the US department of the Navy has sent a few more Assault Carrier battle groups to China... you know…

…”for democracy“.

What is all this delicious "democracy" that I keep hearing about? It must be something wonderful and great. It has to be, don't you know, for America to spend trillions of dollars destroying a third of the world for it's survival.

I guess that none of you all realized that this was going on, eh?

Meanwhile, most “normal” and regular folk are having meals with their families. They are all happy affairs, and look sort of like this…

CNY meal.
Typical CNY meal in China.

.Not what you would see in an American “Chinese Restaurant” eh?… That’s because what most food in an American-Chinese restaurant are Americanized versions of Chinese food. And it’s sort of the “fast food” version of actual Chinese food.

It’s equivalent to thinking that a McDonald’s “hamburger” is “authentic” American dinner food.

Thinking that a “Chinese Restaurant” in America serves “real and authentic” Chinese food is to think that a McDonald’s hamburger is what a “real” American dinner looks like. While I am sure that (judging from photos of Walt-mart shoppers) that this might be the case, you and I sure as heck knows that it’s not a “real” hamburger.

.But back to my rant…

Oh, yeah.

Sorry about the food digression. I’m talking about the digression of CNY, and how it is muted because of the Coronavirus, the vomiting-to-death virus, and the Beijing tick virus.

BTW... Did you know that there were ticks in Beijing? I didn't. It's too cold and dry, and dusty for them to live. So the ticks must be a hardy species indeed. Wouldn't you think. That is why they have to use remote-controlled drones to spray human-transmissible tick viruses over the populated Northern cities of China.

(Forehead slap!)

I wonder how America would do if some nation decides to conduct this exact same activity on New York, Chicago or Houston? At the rate America is playing with "fire", it might be a good idea to maintain strong bio-weapon discipline and preventative measures as a matter of habit.

Have you ever watched a magician perform a magic trick? One hand is doing the secret activity, while the other hand is involved in the big deception.

All by the American “news”. Hey! What’s in the “news” today, eh?

You all shouldn’t get too riled up about all this. The big build-up is gearing towards Russia. After all, America needs China to keep supplying the parts, materials and electronics for it’s fighter planes and expensive weapons systems.

The hate-narrative is building up against Russia…

What else is new? Eh?

Just like Ancient Rome that HAD to continually right on the outskirts of the empire and "defeat the barbarians at the gates", America must constantly fight against, terror, hunger, obesity, poverty, communism, and everything else it can find...

...for "democracy!"

…now those dirty commies are putting bounties on killing Americans. How dare they! Stinkin’ dirty commies!

All this nonsense is nauseating.

But it’s a new year; the year of the Bull, and it’s gonna be real exciting.

Fish meal.
Hunan style fish.

.But it’s the world we live in.

Right now. Anyways.

The people running the levels of control of America (and Britain) are a tad crazy. And I need to remind everyone of this, because you aren’t watching how the rest of the world are reacting to the craziness that America is today.

I have to show it to you all in a very elementary form.

You know. Something like this…

Yep. Read and learn.

.Now, if I were in the USA I would lie low and make sure that I knew my neighbors really, really well. You all need a true and real sense of unity during times of high stress and upheaval.

I am not advocating armed rebellion.

But rather a way of connecting with friends and family, and a serious decline in the social networks and communication screed that passes for modern American communication these days. Get back to your roots and help each other. If you try to be the “lone wolf” you will end up…

…being alone.

Work together.
Work together with friends and family.

.And while President Biden is trying to put a “adult in the room ” aura don’t let that fool you. There are elements in government that are working hand-in-hand, and behind the curtain, to force some changes that many people will be very uncomfortable with.

Only this time…


…those in government are smarter and better prepared to implement the changes that they desire.

Modern America.
Whether you are a drug dealer, a sexual deviant, a LGBT hater, a member of a “hate” group, a tax cheat, or any other of the millions of titles that they use to justify… they can seize everything you own, destroy your life, and send you to the lowest social classes from whence you will die.

.You know, as someone who actually lives inside a communist country, I can tell you first hand that the rap it gets has little in common with the actual reality. Don’t fear what you do not understand, and please be more understanding of those who hold different views from you.


That being said, do not turn a blind eye to history. There are some very evil people out there. many of whom prefer to dwell around large urban areas. You know the places, like Washington DC, New York City and Chicago. And they are capable of really taking a wrecking ball to your life. So you need to be alert.

And speaking about changes…

…maybe a review of some history might be in order.

The following is an article titled “46 things I learned from being gulaged Varlam Shalamov spent much of the period from 1937 to 1951 gulaged in the arctic cold of Kolyma. These are the 46 things he learned from the experience”. It was written on January 15, 2020, and described the life inside a Gulag camp in the former Soviet Union. Reprinted as found with notations as shown. All credit to the source and the author.

Varlam Shalamov after his first arrest, 1929.

.Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov (June 18, 1907 – January 17, 1982) was a Russian writer, journalist, poet and Gulag survivor. He spent 15 years enslaved in Soviet gulags — six of them in the gold mines in the bitter arctic cold of Kolyma — due in part to having supported Leon Trotsky and praised the anti-Soviet writer Ivan Bunin.

One of Shalamov’s surviving writings is a 1961 list of 46 things he learned from his gulag experience.

You will benefit the most from it by already knowing the basics about these slave camps which worked many inmates to death (and in some cases even forced the slaves to eat each other).

The essay was translated by Dmitry Subbotin and Robert Denis, and editorial additions are marked in bracketed italics.

What I Saw and Learned in the Kolyma Camps

1. The extraordinary fragility of human nature, of civilization. A human being would turn into a beast after three weeks of hard work, cold, starvation and beatings. [People can easily turn feral. Do not be under the illusion that we (as humans) are beyond our base natures.]

2. The cold was the principal means of corrupting the soul; in the Central Asian camps people must have held out longer — it was warmer there. [Humans can survive in warmer weather, but colder weather will absolutely kill you.]

3. Friendship and solidarity never arise in difficult, truly severe conditions — when life is at stake. Friendship arises in difficult but bearable conditions (in the hospital, but not in the mine).

[ed: u/LevantineJR  had an interesting comment on this: 

“That this is less than a  universal, profound truth, has been demonstrated in the labour camps of  Imperial Japan during WW2, as recorded by company commander Ernest  Gordon in “Miracle on the River Kwai” a.k.a. “In the Valley of the Kwai”  (1963). 

It’d be very interesting and important to understand why  widespread solidarity appeared in the WW2 labour camps in Indochina  after a period of ~10 months, while in the GULAG it failed to appear for  years, or even decades. 

Harshness of conditions? The death rates in the  Japanese war labour camps were several times higher than in the GULAG.  So, the general harshness of conditions is ruled out. Nor could it be  simply culture or genes, because those very same inhabitants of Kolyma  created resistant collectives of solidarity in the Moscow prisons. 

Now,  what of a particular factor: cold? Plausible, I think. Shalamov may be  right that cold was an exceptionally strong, and a sort of a key  factor.”]

4. Spite is the last human emotion to survive. A starving man has only enough flesh to feel spite — he is indifferent to everything else.

5. The difference between prison and work camps. Prison strengthens character, and work camps, corrupt the human soul.

In America you can see the difference.

In Pennsylvania, the purpose of prison is to rehabilitate. So Prisons are designed to help people correct their behaviors.

In Arkansas, the purpose of prison is to punish. So all prisons are hard-labor work-camps. It is to make people fear the government and incarceration.

6. Organization is important in survival against an oppressive government. I learned that Stalin’s «triumphs» were possible because he slew innocent people: had there been an organized movement, even one-tenth in number, but organized, it would have swept Stalin away in two days.

7. Humans are resilient. I learned that humans became human because they are physically stronger, tougher than any animal — no horse endures work in the Far North.

8. You need faith, and belief in a higher purpose. I saw that the only group that retained a bit of their humanity, despite the starvation and abuse, were the religious, the sectarians, almost all of them — and the majority of the priests.

9. The easiest to corrupt are those in government. The first ones to be corrupted, the most susceptible, are the party members and military men.

10. People who have never been exposed to raw force, and who expected to debate were often surprised how serious, and how quickly events can go from “neutral” to “hot”. I saw what a forcible argument a simple slap could be for an intellectual.

11. You start to rate people by their ability to be brutal. That people distinguish between camp chiefs according to the power of their punches, to their enthusiasm for beatings.

12. A beating is almost irresistible as an argument («Method number three»).

13. Show Trials was how everything was actually run in the DOJ. I learned the truth about the preparations for the cryptic trials [ed: the show trials of the Great Terror of 1937] from masters of the craft.

14. The “grapevine” is real. I learned why in prison you get political news (arrests, etc.) sooner than on the outside.

15. Rumors always had a basis on reality. That prison (and camp) rumours [ed: known in Russian prison slang as parasha — “the slop bucket”] always turn out to be anything but slop.

16. I learned that one can live on spite alone.

17. I learned that one can live on indifference.

18. Hope is bleached from your life. I learned why a man lives neither on hope — there are no hopes at all, nor on will — what will?, but only on the instinct of self-preservation, the same as a tree, a rock, an animal.

19. Don’t stick out. You become a target. I’m proud that at the very beginning, back in 1937, I decided to never become a foreman if my decision could lead to another man’s death, if my will would be forced to serve the authorities oppressing other people, prisoners like myself.

20. My body and spirit proved to be stronger in this great trial than I thought, and I am proud to have betrayed no one, to have sent no one to death nor to the camp, to have denounced no one.

21. It’s easy to give in and sign “the papers” showing your guilt. I’m proud to have made no requests until 1955.

[ed: In 1955 Shalamov made a request for rehabilitation].

22. Bad people are terrible and awesome in their evil. I saw the so called «Beria amnesty» there and then — it was something to see.

[ed: Lavrentiy Beria  was one of Stalin’s henchmen

He was a serial rapist and mass murderer who  was responsible for, among other things, coming up with the idea for and  then carrying out the execution of all of the Soviet Union’s 22,000  Polish prisoners (the Katyn massacre).  

Shalamov’s “Beria amnesty” is a reference to when Beria released a  large number of criminal class gulag prisoners as a political play that backfired on him.]

23. I saw that women are more honest and selfless than men — there was not a single husband at Kolyma who came after his wife. But wives did come; many did (Faina Rabinovitch, Krivoshey’s wife) [ed: See Shalamov’s Green attorney].

24. People still held on to their roles within families. I saw the amazing northerner families (civilians, former prisoners) with their letters to their «lawful husbands and wives» etc.

25. The Wealthy did terrible things to become rich. I saw «the first Soviet Rockefellers», underground millionaires, and heard their confessions.

26. Political prisoners suffered the harshest punishments. If your ideology did not match that of the people running the government, then run for your lives. I saw the hard laborers, and also the large E and B contingents, the Berlag camp.

[ed:  Berlag, or Beregovoy Camp Directorate, Special Camp No. 5, was an MVD  special camp. These were camps established exclusively for political  prisoners convicted according to the more severe sub-articles of Article 58  (enemies of the people). Wrote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag  Archipelago: “There is no step, thought, action, or lack of action under  the heavens which could not be punished by the heavy hand of Article  58.”]

27. There are tradeoffs to everything you do. I learned that one can achieve a lot (a hospital, a work transfer), but at the risk of life — at the cost of a beating and the isolation cell cold.

28. Cells some in different shapes and sizes. All are unpleasant. I saw an isolation cell carved out in rock, and spent one night in it myself.

29. Power is seductive, and entraps everyone. The lust for power, for unpunished murder is great — from big shots down to regular police operatives with rifles (Seroshapka [ed: See Shalamov’s Berries] and his ilk).

30. To protect yourself, you learn to rat-out others, anyone else, just to survive. I learned the unrestrained Russian lust to denounce, to complain.

31. There are no “good” and “bad” people. I learned that world should be divided not into good and bad people but into cowards and non-cowards. 95% of cowards are capable of any meanness, lethal meanness, after light threatening.

32. Prison and work camps do not improve anyone. It’s all a corrupt system of suppression. I am convinced: the camp is a negative experience — entirely. If one spent but an hour there — it would be an hour of moral corruption. The camp has never given anything to anyone — and never could. Everyone, both prisoners and civilians, are corrupted by the camp.

33. Work and “rehabilitation” camps were everywhere, just not advertised to the public. In every region there was a work camp, there was one at every major construction site. Millions, tens of millions of prisoners.

[ed:  Estimations of gulag slaves between 1928/9 and 1953 (earlier gulag  stats much harder to analyze) range from 14 to 25 million. This number  excludes the millions who were “internally exiled” to the wilds or just  outright murdered.]

34. A corrupt government leadership corrupts everything. Repressions touched not only the ruling elite but all levels of society — in every village, at every plant, in every family either relatives or friends were repressed.

35. Being helpful to others provides inner peace. I consider the best time of my life to be the months spent in the cell of Butyrki prison, where I managed to strengthen the spirit of those who were weak and where everyone spoke freely.

36. Live day to day, in the “now”. I learned to «plan» one day ahead, no further.

37. Bosses become a different kind of animal. I learned that kingpins are not human.

38. Everyone becomes equal in a work camp. That there are no criminals at the camp, there are your present (and future) neighbors caught behind the line of the law and not those who crossed it.

39. Being a thief is a survival skill. I learned how terrible the ego of a boy, of a youth is: better steal than ask. This and their boasting throws youth to the bottom.

40. When you are isolated away from women, you don’t enjoy their pleasures. Women didn’t play a big role in my life — camp is the reason.

41. Character discernment is useless. The discernment of character is a useless ability — I am unable to change my ways for any scum that comes along.

42. Avoid being the last. The last in the row, which are hated by everyone — by guards and inmates alike — are those dropping behind, the sick, the weak, those incapable of running in the cold.

43. Power comes from a gun. I learned what power is and what a man with a gun means.

44. The balance of justice shifts in a work camp. That the scale is shifted, and this is what is most typical in a work camp.

45. Returning to civilian life is difficult. That passing from a prisoner condition to civilian is very hard, and nearly impossible without a long adaptation period. [It took me about three weeks to get used to soft chairs, commodes with seats, electrical wall outlets, and being able to go outside at will. Not to mention being able to taste salt and sugar, and seasonings. Cheese, butter, and fruit are all glorious.]


Yeah. It’s an interesting piece of history. I think that it gives us an insight into our human nature. Now, let’s all pray that the conditions for mass enslavement of citizens is never replicated ever again. But, let’s be real. OK?

It can.

All it takes is a national leadership that wants to do this (for their own purposes) and an ineffectual department of Justice, and a complete lack (or omission) of leadership policing organizations.


Here in China it’s a new year. It’s 2021 and it’s the year of the Bull. Most people are optimistic, even though they are cautiously guarded.

For a while I used to get a new coffee mug at every New Year. It was my little pleasure; to have a new coffee mug to drink out of each year. Unfortunately I feel out of the habit. But that is neither good nor bad. It’s just a sign of change… and a sign of change tends to indicate growth.

Here’s some pictures from my friends. Taken as a whole it might give you all a “flavor” as to what this very strange and odd year of the Bull is starting out as…

Geng Bei and a glass of wine.
Typical. Wine to drink. The Chinese do not daintily sip wine slowly. They drink entire glasses in one singular gulp. Like this gal is doing. She announces “Geng Bei” and empties the entire glass. This picture is a sign of respect to the new in-coming year. It means “I salute your arrival”.


Seems strange? Yeah. But it’s a different culture. They aren’t afraid of losing their jobs for drinking wine on their holidays (like I was threatened at General Motors, Delco Electronic, and Poulan Weed-Eater.) And so, living without fear of “consequences” enables people to live life freely.

It’s called “freedom”. You all should try it some time.

Red envelopes 1.
Red envelopes. In the Chinese New Year, everyone gives each other “Red Envelopes” full of money. This is instead of presents. There are all sorts of rules regarding it. And they differ from region to region. In general, families pass money back and forth easily, and the kids make out like bandits. Young boys buy toy guns, and games. Young girls buy dolls, APPs and some trinkets.


This shows what it is like to get a “red envelope” from a brother or sister. Or perhaps a friend, or an uncle. It’s all very typical.

While I have discussed the enormous red envelopes that companies would give to their employees (in prior articles), this article is on a more personal basis. It’s about celebrating holidays with friends and family.

Thank you notes.
Red envelopes can come with notes and messages, or just be a thank you for business or friendship. We used to give out red envelopes to our mail mean (actually the UPS equivalent), the local BaoAn(s) which are the security guards to the complex, the management, and the janitorial staff.


Again. All this is very typical, and very normal. And isn’t at all being reported by the “informed news” out of America. Have you ever heard of FOX “news” reporting on the red envelopes in China? Have you ever heard Rush Limbaugh discuss it? What about Ellen DeGeneres?



And yet some people have the nerve to think that they are well “informed” on the Geo-political issues of the day by listening to “American news”. Give me a break.

Chinese work bonuses.
Chinese companies process wads of cash to give out to their employees during CNY. All untaxed. All in hard cold cash. How about American and British companies? What do your end-of-year bonuses look like? Tell me about it.


Anyways, money is great, and we could all use more of it, don’t you know. But What I really like about the Chinese new year is all the eating and drinking. I just love food. Yes. It is true, I am a “foodie”, and who can blame me?

Shots of BaiJiu are the norm.


And here’s some more pictures of what is going on in China right now, today. Tell me about how CNN is reporting on it. Tell me about what Twitter, and Facebook has to say about it. Please give me insight in how you all can understand China by listening to MSNBC. I’d like to know.

A typical dinner.
A typical family gathering.

.Almost like what you would see in the United States. Almost. Only here in China, the adults drink alcohol alongside with the children who drink whatever they want. Since there are no prohibitions (read LAWS) banning things, most children have the opportunity to drink with their parents, and can get exposed to alcohol very early age.


They don’t drink because it is meaningless to them. it is something that ‘adults do”, and you all know that adults are ‘square” and not “hip” and “groovy”. So they tend not to become addicts.

A typical meal.
Another typical meal.

.All this is what is happening right now. People are celebrating the end of 2020, the year of the rat, and welcoming in 2021, the year of the Bull. I pretty much assume that this is what was going on in America as well, though to different extent. And in a different manner.

As well as on a different date.

More typical meals.
Typical CNY and CNY eve meals.

.It’s different and even shocking for most Americans. I think that this is because they don’t know what “freedom” is. They have been repeating the mantras for decades with no understanding, and when they see how other nations live, they become horrified.

“This can’t possibly be true!” They retort.

Everyone knows that….


“Everyone knows…”

Who told them?

Guess which nation this photograph was taken? American LGBT advertising for a “roommate” in Wal-Mart.

.Sometimes the strange image out of America are just the “tip of the iceberg”, and are but distractions from the master hand-movements of the master deceptions made by the oligarchy? And if so…


Maybe Americans are already living in a nice Gulag already, but they don’t yet realize it.

That maybe it’s all just a matter of degree. Why construct work camps here and there? Why not turn the entire nation into one gigantic labor camp? Why not? When you can print unlimited money? Control the media, and have a forever-lock on the government, and can make rules and laws with no opposition,and not even follow “guidelines” let alone the “guaranteed” Rights…

…what’s stopping you?

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Land and Livestock International, Inc. is a leading agribusiness management firm providing a complete line of services to the range livestock industry. We believe that private property is the foundation of America. Private property and free markets go hand in hand—without property there is no freedom. We also believe that free markets, not government intervention, hold the key to natural resource conservation and environmental preservation. No government bureaucrat can (or will) understand and treat the land with as much respect as its owner. The bureaucrat simply does not have the same motives as does the owner of a capital interest in the property. Our specialty is the working livestock ranch simply because there are so many very good reasons for owning such a property. We provide educational, management and consulting services with a focus on ecologically and financially sustainable land management that will enhance natural processes (water and mineral cycles, energy flow and community dynamics) while enhancing profits and steadily building wealth.
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2 Responses to Lessons from the Gulag

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    Well, America is in a process of change. And it is happening, though it is not being reported. Both the alt-Left and the alt-Right are silent on what is actually going on. The American people are being kept ignorant. But you can rest assured that changes are in process. Pieces are moving into place, and not a peep is being reported to anyone.


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