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WATCH: Catastrophic Wildfires, Who’s Really to Blame?

…most federal agencies are very aware that there is unhealthy forests, and grasslands that are prone to catastrophic fires. The problem is we have a group of environment organizations that have learned to make money by suing the federal government. … Continue reading

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Congress considers treating wildfire like other natural disasters

 The proposal to use emergency funding faces a key obstacle: Sen. Murkowski. I like High Country News because it is always good for a laugh. Also, it gives me an opportunity to expose the unintended consequences of government miss-management. Typical … Continue reading

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The art – and science – of forecasting wildfires

This model could eliminate guesswork and predict fire according to geography…Once a fire starts, it gets even trickier. More nonsense from High Country News. The solution is to prevent the fire from starting in the first place. I can eliminate … Continue reading

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