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“Over the last almost 20 years now, the grass-fed sector has grown exponentially,” says industry veteran, Dr. Allen Williams… During those 20 years, he notes, he has seen industry retail sales grow from less than five million dollars per year in … Continue reading

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Crony Environmentalism

        Corruption, cronyism, and socialistic central planning of agricultural markets, hidden by the rhetoric of “green farming,” is what Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley calls “smart growth” policy.  Crony environmentalism would be more descriptive.  So-called smart growth is … Continue reading

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Can cattle be “fattened up” on pasture without grain supplementation?

The second condition required to successfully finish on pasture is good pasture management. Pop quiz time. You guys that have had my “Planned Grazing” Seminar/Workshop, scroll down to that part of the article and critique it for what is right … Continue reading

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Holistic Management: Another Tool In Your Kit Bag

This introduction to this article is extracted from the preface to my new book Planned Grazing: A Study Guide and Field Manual (see below). But first, please realize that “Holistic Planning” is not a grazing system. It is a planning method with … Continue reading

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Chipotle and Grass Finished

Chipotle’s CEO is full of shit. He has simply not tried very hard to find a source for grass finished beef in the uSSA. I know lots of people that would be more than willing to forward contract finishing his … Continue reading

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Grass-Fed Vs. Grain-Fed Ground Beef — No Difference In Healthfulness

By Stephen B. Smith, Texas A&M University The Internet is awash in websites that proclaim the nutritional benefits of ground beef from grass-fed cattle. However, researchers in Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science have published the only two research … Continue reading

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Patience pays with grass-finished beef

Retail-level profits for 30-month-old beef more than double that of 18-month-old beef by Daniel Winters via Manitoba Co-operator Jim Lintott photo: Daniel Winters In the grass-finished beef business, keeping a yearling an extra year is worth the wait. In fact, one could hardly … Continue reading

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Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Healthier?

This Blog was set up to provide information that is not readily available via the mainstream media. It is NOT a debate club. So, if you have rancor and vitriol to spread, please direct it to the original author and/or source.  Meantime, … Continue reading

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