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Texas Parks & Wildlife and “Invasion Biology”

There are even reports from fellow hunters claiming to have seen TPWD officials using the helicopters to herd animals from their land into the park only to mow the entire herd down as soon as the cross the boundary. Somehow … Continue reading

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Swan Song: New York’s Wildlife Bureaucrats Intend to Eradicate Wild Swans

If you manage FOR a species, you are doomed to loose that species. It is always best to manage for the health of the ecosystem as a whole. — jtl Posted by Chris Gill on the Circle Ranch Blog NOTE: this article … Continue reading

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Aoudad, The Bogus Boogeyman

by Chris Gill  via Circle Ranch Blog Eradication Science or Eradication Snake Oil? This piece asks common sense questions about the increasing use of wild animal eradication as a primary conservation tool, and about the foundations on which these practices rest: … Continue reading

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